WHM Contact Emails

WHM and cPanel notices are sent using the current e-mail deal with specified through the system. These are intended to inform the customer of any significant changes or up-dates to WHM or cPanel such as security password changes, package changes, etc.

WHM Notices

WHM Notices are sent when changes to significant editions are created through WHM or when significant up-dates are created to WHM/cPanel itself.

You can only deliver WHM notices for a cPanel to one email; this should be the reseller's e-mail since  individual cPanel customers can set their own get in touch with e-mail in cPanel for getting cPanel notices.

To modify the current e-mail to receive WHM notices:

  •     Sign into WHM.
  •     In the left-side selection, under Account Information, Just Click  List Accounts.
  •     Choose the + next to the main domain (the one associated with your payments account).
  •     Under Change Contact Email, add the current e-mail address.
  •     Click Change.

There is no way to modify the email address from where the notice e-mail is sent; it will always be sent from the server (whm_user@server.domain.com).

cPanel Notices

To modify the current e-mail associated with a customer's cpanel through WHM:

  •     Sign-in to WHM.
  •     In the left-side selection, under Account Information, just click List Accounts.
  •     Choose the + next to the account on  which you want to create changes.
  •     Under Change Contact Email, type the current e-mail address.
  •     Just Click-> Change.

Change Contact Email for cPanel Notices through cPanel

cPanel customers can set up their own notices for changes that are created to their cPanel. This can be done by:

  •     Signing into cPanel.
  •     Under Preferences, just click Update Contact Info.
  •     Get into your recommended main current e-mail address and choose the checkboxes showing when you would like to be informed.
  •     Click Save.

VPS and Dedicated Server

WHM notices can be sent to more than one e-mail in VPS and Dedicated Server using the Contact Management weblink in WHM.

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