Edit Reseller DNS Zone Template

This function of WHM allows you to implement a set of standard DNS information whenever you make a new account.

Modifying the DNS Zone Template can help you make sure that any customized DNS configurations you want each account to use is going to be applied in  each new account you make.

How to Edit the DNS Zone Template

As a reseller, you are able to upgrade the standard DNS zone template that is used when developing a new account.

Warning! Creating variations to the DNS Zone Template can cause significant DNS problems and may cause websites not to load.

If you experience unpleasant or uncertain about developing these changes, you can get in touch with Reprise Hosting assistance via Ticket or Live chat, and we will be more satisfied to help you with these changes.

To edit the DNS Zone Template:

  1.     Sign into your WHM.
  2.     In the left side, expand DNS Functions.
  3.     Just press 'Edit Zone Templates'.

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