What is a subdomain name? How do I create and delete one?

It is not always necessary to sign-up a new domain when the one you already own will continue to perform completely excellent. Rather than applying a new domain address, you can always make sub domain using the current domain you already own.

A subdomain is a second web page, with its own original material, but there is no new domain address. Instead, you can use current domain address and modify the www to another name. The subdomain name looks like weblog.domain.com, hello.domain.com, helloworld.domain.com

Note: Your cpanel may look a little bit different in accordance with the concept you are using, however the actions will be the same for all styles centered off of the X3 concept.

To make a subdomain, please do the following:

  1.     Sign in to cPanel and just click Subdomains.
  2.     In the drop-down, select the sector.
  3.     In the box before the domain, type the subdomain name you want.
  4.     Click within the "Document Root" box and it will auto-fill.
  5.     Hit the Create button.

To eliminate a subdomain, please do the following:

  1.     Sign in to cPanel and just click Subdomains.
  2.     At the end, just click Remove.

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