PHP settings that cannot be changed

Shared, Reseller web host are shared surroundings and have certain boundaries on what you can modify, to keep the balance of the server. Dedicated server and VPS clients may modify all the configurations in the php.ini file and do not have the same boundaries as shared, Reseller Hosting.
Shared, Reseller.

PHP has been configured to use the given below settings on our shared and Reseller servers:

safe mode = Off (cannot adjust)
memory_limit = 256M (MAXIMUM)
max_execution_time = 30 (MAXIMUM in seconds)
max_input_time = 60 (MAXIMUM in seconds)
post_max_size = 64M (MAXIMUM)
upload_max_filesize = 64M (MAXIMUM)
enable_dl = Off (cannot adjust)

The above configurations either CANNOT be modified or cannot be surpassed on a shared and reseller hosting account. These boundaries are set to avoid high resource usage utilization in shared surroundings. We have found that almost all the PHP programs will work within these boundaries, and the programs that require more sources are best suitable for a VPS or dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers and VPS

Dedicated web servers and VPS can modify and increase these configurations to any value preferred.

Dedicated Server and VPS clients with WHM accessibility can modify the restrictions by going to WHM > Service Settings > PHP Settings Manager.

Important Note: Although you have the capability to modify the configurations on a Dedicated Serve or VPS to anything you want, please note that wrongly configured server will execute badly or even server crash or hangup. Unless you have particular reasons to modify the PHP configurations, it is suggested that you keep them at the standard configurations or use the suggested configurations for the script or program you are using.

Settings You Can Change:

register_globals = On
magic_quotes_gpc = Off

These two configurations can be modified using a customized php.ini  file in the same directory as the script that needs the configurations.

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