I Forgot My Password and Need a Reset

Below you will learn more on how to modify security passwords for various records relevant to your Reprise Hosting plans. Some security password changes may need Reprise Hosting support; however, some security passwords can be modified in just a few fast actions.
Check your welcome e-mail for the appropriate customer name and security password. If that security password is not operating and you have a Shared Account, please try the totally reset security password weblink on the cPanel sign in web page or modify the security password from within your Billing Settings.

If you have a VPS or Dedicated Server or if you are having ongoing problems resetting your security password, please get in touch with Reprise Hosting via Ticket or Live chat.

To totally reset the cPanel security password on your consideration, we may need to demand some details to confirm your identification. We apologize in advance for any difficulty this may cause.

Note: If you modify your cpanel security password, the security password for the following account will also be updated:

    #Primary FTP account
    #Parallels SiteBuilder

If you modify your cPanel security password, Sitebuilder will have to be reconfigured since it depends on your cPanel security password to operate effectively. In this situation, please submit a ticket to request Sitebuilder or SiteStudio be modified/updated with your new security password.


The contact email address and the password through which you signed up with Reprise Hosting is you billing login details.If that password is not working, please follow the given below steps to reset the billing password of your account:

  1.     Go to https://www.reprisehosting.com/client/clientarea.php
  2.     Click the Forgot Your Password link.
  3.     Provide the e-mail associated with your payments account.
  4.     In the e-mail that you receive, do as instructed to totally reset the payments password.

Reseller's Customer

Resellers can reset the secure password for a customer by following the given below steps:

  1.     Login -> WHM.
  2.     Go to Account Functions.
  3.     Click Password Modification.
  4.     Select the account domain name or username for the account password you wish to modify.
  5.     Under Password Entry, type the new password.
  6.     Click Change Password.


Password cannot be retrieved through the site configuration file, check config.php files.

  1.     Log into cPanel.
  2.     -> Databases section, click MySQL Databases.
  3.     ->MySQL Users section, add a new user with the desired password.
  4.     Click -->Create User to add the new user to the database.
  5.     Change your site configuration settings to the --> new user name and password.

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