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Lowest Prices

Powerful Servers at Unbeatable Prices

Our number one objective is to offer best value hosting solutions. We offer stable and reliable services with generous disk space and bandwidth allotments at simply unbeatable prices. We've finely-tuned our business operations—from our upstream provider selection, to equipment purchases, software licensing, and even our day-to-day office expenditures—to create tremendous savings that we pass along to our customers.

Perfect-Fit: Customizable servers to precisely fit your need.

Get More: Generous allotments of disk space, bandwidth and computing power.

Unbeatable Deals: The best prices you'll find anywhere.

Proven Uptime

Averaging over 99.95% uptime going back years.

We not only guarantee 99.9% uptime, we prove it by making our uptime statistics publicly available. If we do ever fall below 99.9% uptime for any given month, we issue service credits in full accordance with our terms of service.

Stable: Fully redundant high uptime infrastructure.

RAID Protected: Offering RAID1 and RAID10 redundancy.

Rapid Response: Engineers monitoring systems 24/7/365.

Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your hosting experience?
Get your money back!

We're confident that when you host with us, you'll be thrilled with the quality of service and money saved. But if find yourself not satisfied with a deficiency in our service, let us know and we'll be happy to issue a 100% full refund within 15 days of your original sign up. There's absolutely no risk to get started with Reprise Hosting! Refunds exclude the cost of third party software licenses. See terms of service for the full guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Not satisfied? We'll refund you!

No Risk: 100% refundable within the first 15 days.

No Delays: Refunds issued within 2-3 days.

Rave Reviews

Great Prices—Great Service—Happy Customers

Don't just take our word for it—our clients have plenty of good things to say about their service with Reprise Hosting. We currently retain a 5-star rating by reviewers on HostSearch.com and a 10/10 rating on WHTop and have received nods for Best Budget Host by HostReview.com. Here is what some of our customers have shared publicly online:

My company migrated a cluster of EC2 instances out of AWS and replaced them with dedis from Reprise Hosting. The move doubled our capacity and cut our hosting bill by more than half. Solid service, solid uptime, I'm a happy camper.
Client since Nov 19' — review via HostSearch.com

Reprise Hosting is an excellent host, very reliable, I've been using them for years. They offer very low prices on dedicated servers.
Client since Feb 17' — review via WHTop.com

I don't normally do reviews, but this company has been so good to me I feel that I must. I migrated to Reprise from another company that was giving me a hard time, well... mostly downtime. When I found Reprise I thought the deal was a little too good to be true. Considering I was paying almost 3 times that before, and getting constant disruptions I had nothing to lose by giving them a try. I'm really glad I did, the service has been great. There hasn't been any downtime that I know of. Every time I've used the ticket system their staff has responded politely and professionally. If you're looking for a good server on the cheap, this is the place.
Edward Elric
Client since Jan 14' — review via WebHostingTalk.com

The level of value and performance offered by Reprise Hosting is unbelievable!
Michael Edwards
Client since Feb 17' — review via HostSearch.com

I have been with this company for years. I have always received excellent service and I am very happy with the price. My bill has never increased and there have never been surprises.
Adrian Ramirez
Client since Jun 14' — review via HostSearch.com

I am glad that I tried Reprise Hosting. If anyone else is looking for a reliable provider, Reprise Hosting is a very good choice. Their servers are "self-managed" so don't expect a lot of "white glove" or "hand holding" tech help, but I've had no downtime with them, the network is fast, hardware is fast, and the price is great.
Ravi Kumar
Client since Feb 19' — review via WebHostingTalk.com

I highly recommend Reprise Hosting. I rarely write reviews but this is by FAR one of the best hosts out there at this price point. On the few occasions I had to contact support they were friendly, professional and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Thanks guys!
Solstice Co.
Client since Dec 16' — review via LowEndTalk.com

Reprise Hosting really deserves some recognition. The support is awesome — very helpful with my newbie questions. For being "self managed", it's quite an awesome service they offer!
Chad Reed
Client since Dec 18' — review via WebHostingTalk.com

Highly Optimized Network

Fast Transfers—Low Ping Times

Our BGP mix of NTT, Abovenet and excellent peering over the Seattle Internet Exchange (e.g., Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Akamai, Charter, Telus, T-Mobile, OVH, CloudFlare, Yahoo, and more) enables us to offer servers with low ping times across the Pacific and Atlantic:

    - 25ms to Los Angeles
    - 59ms to New York
    - 94ms to Tokyo
    - 123ms to London
    - 129ms to Hong Kong

We also offer full gigabit transfer speeds on all of our dedicated servers.

Test your download speed to our network with this 1000MB speed test file.

Review our Ookla speed test results below:

[root@reprise ~]# speedtest -s 14232

   Speedtest by Ookla

	 Server: Ziply Fiber - Seattle, WA (id = 14232)
		ISP: Reprise Hosting
	Latency:     4.47 ms   (0.13 ms jitter)
   Download:   934.99 Mbps (data used: 803.6 MB)
	 Upload:   941.15 Mbps (data used: 751.4 MB)
Packet Loss:     0.0%
 Result URL: https://www.speedtest.net/result/c/90960d6f-7b32-4f7a-848b-6b28b6c0197a
[root@reprise ~]#

24/7/365 Support

15-Minute Guaranteed Response Time

We understand the importance of responsive technical support. When you're having experiencing a critical hosting problem, you need someone who can help right away—not the next day or hours later. That's why we guarantee a 15-minute response time to all critical priority support inquiries. We also make available an address enabling you you directly page our engineers when you need assistance ASAP.

No matter the time of day or complexity of the problem, Reprise Hosting is always ready to help.

Responsive: Guaranteed 15 minute response time to critical tickets.

Experienced: We employ senior sysadmins with 10+ years experience.

Direct Paging: In an emergency, page our engineers directly.

Free Service Migration

Moving From Another cPanel Host? We'll Migrate Your Sites For Free!

We understand your unease or trepidation about switching web hosts.
"I have so many accounts, files and databases to move!"
"Will I encounter downtime?"
"Will there be any disruption for my clients?"

If you are moving from another cPanel-based host, we are pleased to offer our complimentary website migration service for all accounts and all data with your old host. Everything will be migrated and restored in exactly the same state as it was with your old host. We will guide you through the DNS changes to ensure that your customers incur zero downtime and minimal disruption.

Hands-Free: Our trained and experienced techs will do all the work.

Zero Downtime: Careful and precise migrations with no site downtime.

Transparent: Zero disruption—your site visitors won't notice a thing!

Have a question?

Live chat with a representative or leave us a message. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less.

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