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Our affordable VPS hosting plans are an ideal substitutes for dedicated servers and a necessary upgrade for reseller hosts. Our virtual private server plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs (e.g., cPanel VPS hosting) and instantly upgradable as your website or business grows. The flexibility and scalability of cheap VPS server hosting plans make them a popular choice among web hosts.

With full root access, you're able to install advanced software and completely customize virtually anything as if your VPS were a dedicated server without the cost of one. For the best VPS hosting experience, we offer the easy-to-use cPanel control panel and for high-traffic websites, we offer unmetered VPS plans with connection speeds up to 100mbps.

Base Plans


  • 512MB RAM
  • 60GB disk
  • 1000GB bandwidth
  • 4 CPU cores

VPS hosting cheap as it gets. A low cost option for low traffic sites, web app development or a proxy. Can run Windows Server 2003.



  • 1024MB RAM
  • 80GB disk
  • 1500GB bandwidth
  • 4 CPU cores

Excellent low cost option—this plan is able to run Windows Server 2008.



  • 2048MB RAM
  • 100GB disk
  • 3000GB bandwidth
  • 8 CPU cores

Our most popular plan. Excellent to combine with cPanel to easily host dozens of mid-level traffic websites.



  • 4096MB RAM
  • 150GB disk
  • 3000GB bandwidth
  • 16 CPU cores

Suitable for small-scale hosting companies. Capable of hosting several high traffic websites and serving a robust level of SQL queries.

Your VPS comes with a variety of configurable options. You must specify the following options during checkout:
Control Panel
1. Terminal
Manage your server directly by the terminal. Full 'root' SSH access as well as direct console access.
2. cPanel+WHM
Most popular control panel choice. With a cPanel VPS you get an easy-to-use web-based control panel with a plethora of automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting websites. Highly recommended for beginners and experts alike.
+ $12.95/mo
3. Webmin
Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Linux. Using any browser you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing, etc.
4. Kloxo
Kloxo is an open-source web hosting control panel for Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions.
Virtualization Platform
1. OpenVZ
OpenVZ is an operating system-level virtualization technology. OpenVZ allows one physical server to run multiple isolated operating system instances called virtual private servers. CentOS is required in order to run OpenVZ.
2. Xen
Xen virtualization allows several guest operating systems to execute on the same computer hardware concurrently. Xen supports Linux guest operating systems as well as Windows.
+ $6.95/mo
Operating System
1. CentOS
Most popular OS choice for VPS hosting Linux. CentOS is an open-source operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
2. Windows Server 2003
Win2K3 is a productive infrastructure platform for powering connected applications, networks, and Web services.
Includes upgrade to Xen.
+ $6.95/mo
3. Windows Server 2008
The successor to Windows Server 2003.
Includes upgrade to Xen.
+ $6.95/mo
4. Windows Server 2012
The successor to Win2K8 and the most advanced Windows VPS Server operating system yet, designed to power the next-generation of networks, applications, and Web services.
Includes upgrade to Xen.
+ $6.95/mo
5. Debian
Read more about the Debian Linux Distro.
Includes upgrade to Xen.
6. Ubuntu
Read more about the Ubuntu Linux Distro.
7. FreeBSD
Read more about FreeBSD.
Includes upgrade to Xen.
+ $6.95/mo
Get Started, Customize Your VPS
Standard Features
All virtual private server plans come standard with the following:
Optional Add-Ons
We offer a variety of account add-ons and upgrades for our VPS hosting plans. These add-ons may be selected during checkout. To place an order for an add-on, you must first select one of the VPS plans above.
Unmetered Bandwidth
30mbps Unmetered Connection
Upgrade the connection speed on any of our unmetered plans to 30mbps! High data transfer speeds with no bandwidth overage fees.
+ $9.95/mo
100mbps Unmetered Connection
Upgrade the connection speed on any of our unmetered plans to a blistering 100mbps! High data transfer speeds with no bandwidth overage fees.
+ $19.95/mo
Disk Space
100GB Extra Disk Space
Add another 100GB of disk space to any of our VPS hosting plans.
+ $9.95/mo
IP Addresses
Extra IPs
Our virtual private server plans come with two free dedicated IP addresses, but additional IPs are available.
+ $1.50/mo per IP
Class C Range (/24) 253 usable IPs
Full IPv4 Class C range (/24) providing you with 253 usable dedicated IP addresses.
+ $145/mo