Monitor your server's status

This can be done in cPanel, in the left-hand selection. Search to the end and get the weblink for "Server Status" or "Service Status".

This can also be done in WHM, in the left-hand selection. Look at the top for a area known as "Server Status" and simply just click "Service Status".

How do I know if my server is down?

If you cannot access your e-mails, sites, and management sections, then your server may be down.

Shared, Reseller

We observe all the shared web servers. If you observe that your server may be down, please get in touch with Reprise Hosting for verification.


You may need to reboot your server via Virtuozzo Power Panel or SolusVM. Your VZ panel will be available, even when your package is down.

Please observe that we put a VPS into a cool-down interval if it is slamming the server. This basically turns down the VPS for 10 moments and e-mails the owner. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us through Ticket or Live Chat so we can identify the cause.

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