How to check service status and server information in WHM

The Service Status Screen shows the present status of most of the significant solutions designed to run on the server.  Services that are operating normally will be noticeable with a green dot.  Services that are operating but not replying normally will be noticeable with a yellow-colored dot.  Services that are not responding at all will be noticeable with a red dot.

Note: The Service Status Screen shows the latest Position screen of the major services running on the whole server.  So if your account is a Reseller Account and there is a problem resulting in one the the services not to run normally, the problem may be due to one of the other records on the server that is not within your management.  Get in touch with Reprise Hosting support in this occasion.

Some solutions that you may see:

  •     exim - manages delivering and getting e-mails.
  •     pop - manages POP3 connections  for verifying e-mail.
  •     imap - manages IMAP connections, also for checking e-mail.
  •     httpd - handles webpage requests.
  •     ftpd - manages uploading and downloading files.

Checking Server Load

  •     Sign in to WHM.
  •     Simply select the Server Status weblink.

Scroll down a bit until you see information like "Server Load" and "Memory Used."

If the server seems to be replying gradually for all services, the Server load is an indication of whether it is because their are too many large procedures operating at one time on the server.

NOTE: For most web servers regular load are 10 or less, but this can differ based on particular components settings of a particular server.
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