How to limit which icons appear in cPanel via Feature Manager

The feature manager enables you to disable/enable icons inside of each customer's cPanel. Once you build a attributes you should be able to modify the customer's packages and add the new feature lists.

A popular symbol to allow is the Hosting Layouts icon. This will allow your customers to obtain our free web themes straight from cPanel.

  1.     Sign in to your WHM.
  2.     Simply just click List Accounts  and look for your domain name. Figure out the package name you are using.
  3.     Simply just click Feature Manager in the left-hand selection (under Packages).
  4.     Type a new feature list and hit the Add key.
  5.     Choose all of the icons you want, and deselect all of the icons you don't want.
  6.     Hit the Save key and then click Edit Pakcages (in the left-hand menu).
  7.     Choose the package name which your domain is using, and then hit the Edit key.
  8.     Scroll down to the end where you see Feature List and a drop down.
  9.     Choose the new Feature list name and press the Save Changes key.
  10.     Now all websites which use that program will have the cPanel icons which you have chosen.

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