Register Your Name Servers at your Registrar

What are private name servers?

Private name servers is simply your own nameservers based on your domain name i.e and, instead of nameservers with a Reprise Hosting domain.

What are my private name servers IP's?

For, check IP which you received in your welcome email.
(Example, Server IP:

For, check IP which you received in your welcome email.

If you hosted your site on shared web hosting, this simply means that you are not qualified to use private nameservers.

If you  hosted your site on VPS, Reseller or Dedicated, you can simply use those IP's listed in your welcome email. If not, just be in touch with support team of Reprise Hosting so we can assign you with the correct IP's.

How do I setup private name servers?

Simply, you need to add the name servers which you received in your welcome email at the place you registered your domain name from. Every registrar has a different steps for creating private name servers. Just check their tutorials for adding Nameservers in your Domain name account.

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