What is a package?

A package is selection of predetermined requirements which determine what a customer or domain may have accessibility, features. An example would be our Shared Web Hosting packages. You need at least 1 package to be designed to make a new account in WHM. You may have several websites set up on one package as well.

 Developing a New Package

  •     Just move ahead to WHM -> Packages -> Add a Package.
  •     Fill up required inputs which you would like to offer for your hosting plan. This includes the Package Name.  Common settings include "10" for Quota, "100" for Bandwidth, and "unlimited" for remaining items.
  •     Now,click the 'Add button' at the bottom.
  •     Simply, go to WHM -> Account Functions -> Upgrade/Downgrade an Account.
  •     Choose your domain name and press the 'Modify' button.
  •     Choose the name of your new package and click the Upgrade/Downgrade button.
  •     Congrats, done!

Package Restrictions

The limitations which you can set for your packages are as follows:

  •     Quota (MB) - Disk space.
  •     Bandwidth (MB) - Data transfer.
  •     Max FTP Accounts
  •     Max Email Accounts
  •     Max Email Lists
  •     Max Databases
  •     Max Sub Domains
  •     Max Parked Domains
  •     Max Addon Domains

Creating Multiple Packages

As a reseller, it is a wise decision to make several packages of different styles. This technique gives prospective clients more choices to choose. Also, with several packages, your current clients will have choices for improving as their web host needs to be upgraded.

Feature Lists

Packages also allow you to restrict choices available inside of the cPanel using Feature Lists. Developing a feature list is easy, in WHM, simply choose the "Feature Manager," decide on a name for the new attributes and just click "Add." The next display will have a lot of features that you may turn off by eliminating the check from the box next to the name of the feature.

Feature lists may only be used via the program that is associated with the cPanel account. If you have 5 cPanel records that are all set up on the same program and you wish to change the attributes of only one of those cPanel records, then you must make a individual program for that one cPanel account and allocate the new program to the preferred cPanel account.
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