How to view website statistics in cPanel using AWStats

When you have a website, you may want to check on how many individuals are arriving to your website.

The preferred system is AWStats. This system up-dates stats every 24 hours, and also immediately up-dates when you simply select the "Update now" weblink. The research review gives information about the number of individuals arriving to your website, and other information like:

  • Monthly history
  • Days of month
  • Days of week
  • Hours
  • Countries (Top 25)
  • Hosts (Top 25)
  • Authenticated users (Top 10)
  • Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25)
  • Visits duration
  • Files type
  • Pages-URL (Top 25)
  • Operating Systems (Top 10)
  • Browsers (Top 10)
  • Connect to site from
  • Search Key phrases (Top 10)
  • Search Keywords (Top 25)
  • HTTP Error codes

To access this information, please do the following:

  •     Simply,Sign in to cPanel.
  •     Just Click-> the Awstats symbol.
  •     Just Click-> the symbol next to the domain name.

How to study the AWStats page?


Dedicated and VPS

You must login to your WHM and stimulate the web statistics.

  •     Simply, Sign in to WHM.
  •     Go to Server Configurations > Statistics Software Configurations.
  •     Modify the settings and save.

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