How do I create and delete a cron job?

To create a cron job:

  •     Simply, Log into -> cPanel.
  •     In the Advanced area, just click Cron Jobs.
  •     Make sure the present current e-mail deal with is legitimate. If not, get into a new legitimate e-mail and just click Upgrade Email. You will get an e-mail after the cron job has completed.
  •     Use the Typical Configurations to select from a list of consistently used durations or set the regularity of your cron job by using the drop-down box next to each setting. Custom settings range from every moment to once a year.
  •     Put in the preferred control and simply select the Add New Cron Job key.

You have just designed a cron job to perform a computer file at a certain date and time with the preferred repeating cron updates.

Remove or Modify a Cron Job

  •     Just Click the Cron Jobs symbol inside cPanel.
  •     Search down to the last area called "Current Cron Jobs."
  •     Opt for the right cron job and just click either Edit or Delete under Activities.
Note: The edit board has less common settings to select from, so if you are having trouble getting the appropriate time interval, copy the command, delete the cron job and then reproduce it using the Add New Cron Job area.

For more details on how cron works, please see:

    Innovative A linux Information

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