How to copy a database in phpMyAdmin

  •     Choose the database which you would like to duplicate (by simply clicking the database name from the phpMyAdmin home).
  •     Once you are inside the database, choose the Operations tab.
  •     Search down to the section where it says "Copy database to"
  •     Type in the name of the new information source.
  •     Choose "structure and data" to duplicate everything.  Alternatively, you can choose "Structure only" if you want the columns but not the data.
  •     Select the box "CREATE DATABASE before copying" to make a new database.
  •     Select the box "Add AUTO_INCREMENT value."
  •     Simply select the Go button to proceed.

If you simply select the home symbol, you will notice your new database listed in the left line.  If you go within it, you will see the information source is a duplicate of the previous database.
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