Please read before creating an Addon Domain

About addon domains

Add-on Websites are managed like subdomains as far as the server is involved, but to the outside globe they are individual domains.

Addon Websites do not have their own cPanel; however, you may still make e-mail records, redirects, Fantastico set ups, subdomains, etc.

Web statistics for your Add-on Sector will be discovered within the symbol of the web statistic system you choose in cPanel. If you are using an older cPanel template such as "X", you will need to look under Subdomain Stats to discover the web statistics.

Every addon domain is also a subdomain. You may actually fill your addon domain in one of three ways: (As a Subdomain Name) (As a subfolder)

Don't worry! Guests will only know the weblink which you provide them; they have no way of understanding which domain is your main domain and which is the addon domain. To your visitors, the Add-on Sector seems to have its own web host strategy.

Note: The short-term URL for an addon or subdomain is
http://ipaddress/~username/subfolder/ or http://webservername/~username/subfolder/
where the login name is your cPanel customer name for your main domain.

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