How to Create a Reseller WHM

Just like Reseller packages, you can also create cPanel accounts for your customers at RepriseHosting. Dedicated and VPS packages can create Reseller accounts by following the steps given below which will guide you how to create a Reseller account for a new customer:


You must have a Dedicated Server or VPS with root WHM access to carry out the following steps.

  1. Firstly, Log into root WHM.
  2. Check the search bar at the left sidebar of the screen, search keyword "create" and select/click ‘Create a New Account’.
  3. Just fill up the new account details.
  4. Under Reseller Settings options, check the option: ‘Make the account a Reseller’.
  5. Now, just Click Create.

Your reseller customer will now be able to access their and they can login with the cPanel username and password you just created.


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