How to add eNom API to a website via WHM AutoPilot

So, you would like to add your eNom reseller API with your hosting orders?

At this time here are certain steps that you just need to follow:-



1. Login to your WHM admin area (example: -

2. Go to ‘Manage Products’ and simply choose "Edit Domain Pricing”.

3. Enter each domain name (TLD) that you would like to offer, and enter the price that you will charge.

4. At the top right corner, just go back to the Home tab.

5. Under ‘General Administration’ Links, select "Edit WHM Configuration".

6. Under ‘General System Variables’, you should change Disable Domain Registrations from No to Yes.

7. Lastly, under Enom Configuration Area, you just need to add your own eNom API account details


Note: The "Registered IP:" Should reflect server's main shared IP. Never submit your Dedicated IP or

one of RepriseHosting's multiple shared IPs. You can contact RepriseHosting to get the exact IP address.


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