Difference between WHM AutoPilot and WHM CompleteSolution (WHMCS)


Web Hosting Management tool i.e WHM Auto Pilot simply let the Admin, Hosting newbie businesses to easily manage their clients & perform automatic account creation, automatic billing and much more.

WHM gives you a full User-friendly suite tools to easily manage following things:

  1. Simply Create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.
  2. Access to check and change all of your domains' DNS zones.
  3. Fully Manage and monitor your sites (password resets).
  4. Provides ability to create your own default page whenever you create a new account.
  5. Ability to configure your own support requests through cPanel.
  6. Permission to check the server information and status.
  7. Access to customise your hosting and control panel with extensive branding.
  8. Ability to change your client domain names and user names.

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WHMCS (Web Hosting Management Complete Solution) is the latest upgraded Billing system for complete client management solution in Web Hosting Business world.


It offers following tools:-

  1. Integrated Client Support Center with features of Support Tickets and Knowledge Base
  2. Automated Recurring Billing
  3. Automated Account Creation
  4.   -Suspension
  5.   -Termination
  6. Payment Tracking and Statistical Reports
  7. Multi-Language Support for CPanel and Email
  8. Customizable CPanel using Templates

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