How Can I Restore My cPanel or Move from One cPanel to Another?

Usually the hosting companies take care of these issues but if you want to do it on your own, this blog will be of great help. We have presented your queries and our answers in a sort of FAQ format.

Is there any way to restore my site with my previous account?

I will suggest on submitting restore form and the hosting company will recreate your account by using a backup.

How can I move my website from old host to new one?

There are many web hosting providers who support such moves within 30 days of your signing up with a new hosting plan. So if you have ordered a new hosting plan, ask the service provider if they offer any such service.

Is it possible to do all these on my own?

Yes, but we will always recommend on consulting your hosting company. If you are making a switchover to a new host because the old one is not providing a cPanel, then there is only one way to move your website - upload and then download all the requisite files manually with FTP. You can request for a .SQL or .CSV backup of your databases. To know in details, you should always get in touch with your current hosting company.

Follow these instructions to move from one cPanel account to another:

  • Login to your cPanel and click “Backup” icon.
backup restore
  • Click "Download or Generate a Full Backup" button. It will create backup of your all email accounts, MySQL databases and other files.
  • Don’t do anything with the drop down on Home Directory and make sure to leave a valid email address in the second box. Keep the remaining boxes empty.
  • Click "Generate Backup" button and another email confirmation will hit your account.
generate backup

The above process is all about site backup. Now learn how you can restore your site at new hosting account.

  • Open the confirmation email. It contains the name of your backup file.
  • Wait until the administrator gives you a reply, which confirms that the task is complete.
  • Visit the temporary URL by checking the work of your hosting company. One point to remember is some websites might not function while using this temporary URL. To ensure full functionality, rename the name servers of your domain to the name servers of your hosting provider in welcome email.

Now repeat the process for any site that you want to move.

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