Manage DNS Zones

You can handle DNS areas under DNS Functions in WHM. This place is for advanced users only; so please feel free to request any DNS changes by contacting us through Ticket.

Understanding DNS Zones

The main aim of your name servers is to find the server and the appropriate DNS place to be able to get the following information:

  •     A Record - Points-> your domain name or subdomain to an IP associated with your account (e.g. -> IP address).
  •     CNAME Record - Points-> your domain name or sudomain to another domain (e.g. ->
  •     MX Record  - Email management where your e-mails are to be sent. If you want your email organised on another server, this is what you will need to modify (e.g. -> server.ext).
  •     NS Record  - must coordinate with the nameservers you are using

Changing NS Details When Using Private Name Servers

If you are using private name web servers and you would like to modify your NS Records

  •     Simply, Sign-in to WHM.
  •     At left side, expand DNS Function.
  •     Just click Edit DNS Zone.
  •     Choose your domain with from the record and choose the Edit key.
  •     Look to the right of SOA and substitute the name server with your main private name server (make sure to include dot for ns1).
  •     Look to the right of NS and substitute each name server with your private name web servers (make sure to include dot for ns1 and ns2).
  •     Next-> choose the Save key.

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