Local, Backup, and Remote Mail Exchanger

 This is a setting that informs Reprise Hosting how to handle your inbound e-mails. We recommend using Automatically Detect Configuration, but sometimes we need to modify this setting to make all e-mails arrive.

Go to cPanel and simply select the MX Entry symbol.

Local Email Exchanger
- Use this if the most important priority MX record points to an IP on this server.

Back-up Email Exchanger
- Shared and Reseller: This setting is not compatible with our shared servers; use Automatically Detect Configuration instead.

VPS and Dedicated:
Use this if the most important priority MX record points to another server, but a smaller concern MX history points to this server. Doing this can create this server your backup option when the normal server is not available.

Remote Email Exchanger - Use this if there are no MX records that point to an IP on this server.

Click change button and test your email.

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