Accessing Web Disk and WebDav

Web Disk (WebDAV) is simply a drag-and-drop interface in cPanel which allows you to access your site's information as if it were a local drive in your pc. (The same outcomes can be achieved using FTP.

Note: WebDAV generate a known issue in cPanel, and your outcomes when linking may differ. While we will do our best to assist you in problem solving relationship issues.

Connect to Web Disk

Typical  instructions:

  •     Sign in to cPanel.
  •     In the Files area, simply select-> the Web Disk symbol.
  •     Search down-> to the Main Web Disk Account area and just click Access Web Disk.
  •     Choose your os -> (for your individual computer).
  •     Click-> Download Quick Start Script.
  •     In the File Download pop-up, just click Save file and save the file to your Local PC.
  •     On your PC, Simply Open and -> run the file.

You can now view web page information from your laptop or PC. You can also drag and drop information from your Local computer to your web page.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Connecting to Web Disk

With cPanel's launch of edition 11.38, Microsoft windows XP, Microsoft  Windows vista, Microsoft windows seven and Microsoft windows 8 users can now get connected to Web Disk generated through an auto installation script (see guidelines above).

If you are running Microsoft windows XP or Microsoft windows Windows vista on your desktop computer, you may need to download a patch from Microsoft's website in order to use Web Disk.

Connecting to Web Hard generate with No SSL

If you use Microsoft windows Windows vista, Microsoft windows seven or Microsoft windows 8 to accessibility Web Hard generate over an unencrypted relationship, cPanel requires that you allow Process Verification. If you have a finalized SSL certification for your domain, Process Verification is not necessary.

To enable Digest Authentication:

  •     Click Enable Digest Authentication. A verification discussion box will appear.
  •     Click OK.

To disable Digest Authentication:

  •     Click Disable Digest Authentication. A verification discussion box will appear.
  •     Click OK.

Mac OS X

How to link with MacOS X:

  •     From the selection bar, select Go > Connect to Server.
  •     In the Server Address field, get into http://yourdomain:2077 (or https://yourdomain:2078)
  •     Just Click Connect button.
  •     In the WebDAV Verification window, enter your details.
  •     Click OK. Your Web Disk symbol will then appear on the Desktop like any other disk or network drive.
  •     Double-click the symbol to start it.
  •     The public_html directory will appear in your Web Disk.

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