How to change the password of your cPanel account

If you are missing your security password, you can demand a new unique security password through your Reprise Hosting Payments Consideration using the guidelines below. If you already know your security password, you can modify your security password in cPanel to your own security password.

#Sign in to the cPanel

#Just click Change Password

#In the box to the right of Old Security password, add your old password.

#In the box to right of New Security password, add the new password. This password should contain uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as figures and non-numeric signs. (example. aB3#$f^&G*1).

#In the box to the right of New Security password (again), offer the password once again for confirmation.

#Do NOT uncheck the box for "Allow MySQL password change". (This does not totally reset any security passwords for your data source users; rather, it keeps you able to login to phpMyAdmin and Fantastico De Luxe via cPanel.)
#Simply select the Change security passwords key.

Lost Your Password?

You can demand a new cPanel Password quickly through your Reprise Hosting Payments Consideration.

    #Log in to the billing device using your main e-mail, and your billing password

    #Choose Perspective Web host Offers from the selection on the remaining part of the screen
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