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Error: Your hostname could not be resolved to an IP address

If your Domain name server (DNS) for your hostname is not set up correctly, then you may receive an email prompting something like this:

This error e-mail is activated by personal name servers has not been setup properly.  It also could mean there are losing, damaged or poorly arranged DNS information.

If you are using personal name servers, then please examine the following:

  •     Did you sign-up your personal name web servers with your domain registrar with the appropriate IP addresses?
  •     Is there an  A record for each of your personal name servers?
  •     Are the appropriate nameservers listed in the DNS Area for the domain name using them?

  1.     Sign in to WHM.
  2.     Simply select the DNS Functions symbol or look at the DNS Functions area in the sidebar.
  3.     Simply just click Add an A Entry for your Hostname
  4.     Make sure if an A record exists:
  •         If an A record prevails, it will be listed there. Make sure it is the appropriate IP to deal with.  (Contact assistance if you are not sure.)
  •         If no A record prevails, then use the Add Entry key to add the IP.  Make sure the appropriate IP is detailed there before ongoing.  This will add the losing A record.

If you proceed having problems, then please get in touch with assistance and we would be grateful to help you.

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