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How do I create a cPanel account?

Create new account (Create a New Account). After activating your RepriseHosting package, click on this to start! To create a new account, you will be prompted to fill in the following fields:

  • Domain : Register your domain or your client's domain name in the following format: mydomain.com (do not include the "www" or "http://" and make sure that there is no space before or after the domain name).
  • Username: You can use the user name automatically proposed by WHM or you can register one of your choices. Do not use hyphens, special character or space and limit the user to 8 characters name. You can use the username "root", it is already used by the server.
  • Password (Password): Choose a password; it should contain only letters and numbers displayed on ordinary keyboards. Do not use any special characters and do not use spaces.
  • Package (Package): This section displays the preset parameters and limits that apply to accounts that you create. To avoid reusing names packages, packages created from a user’s account will be automatically prefixed with your user’s user name.
  • Contact email (Email Contact). This email address will be used by WHM to send automatic notifications in the event that problems arise on the account. If you wish to receive email notification, you can enter your own email address.
  • Once these fields are completed, click "Create" (Create): To ensure that the account is created, let the WHM fully complete the account creation process before leaving the section.

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