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How do I deny IP address access?

Do you want to block someone from viewing your website? This tool will prevent anyone to view your site from a specified IP address .

How to discover out a viewer's IP address

Use the web statistics tools to discover more details of your guests. We recommend you go to cPanel and simply select the Latest Visitors icon. Look for the host; it could be an IP or a url.

How to prevent the IP address?

  •     Sign in to cPanel and just click IP Deny Manager.
  •     Under "Add an IP to deny", please get into IP deal with or domain name which you wish to prevent.
  •     Click the Add key.

How to unblock the IP address?

  •     Sign in to cPanel and just click IP Deny Manager.
  •     At the end, under "Current IP details being blocked", just click Remove.

Deny All

You can also set an choice for deny from all, which will deny everyone.

This must be done by programming your .htaccess computer file as follows:

deny from all
allow from
allow from

Important Note: It is possible to block your own accessibility unintentionally by using this technique.
Be sure to allow accessibility via your IP otherwise you will be obstructed as well. You will discover out your present IP deal with by viewing checkmyip.com . If you unintentionally prevent yourself, please get in touch with Reprise Hosting via Live chat or Support Ticket.

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