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Managing Your Database with Applications

 There are many applications that can be set up on your pc for managing your databases. Here are some suggested applications you may use for that purpose. These applications are offered by third celebration.  Some are 100 % free and some need you to buy a certification. The databases control program (application) that you choose depends on what type of databases you are connected with.  All our web variety applications provide MySQL, and MS SQL is available on our Microsof company windows web variety.

For MySQL, if you do not want to use a third-party program, you can use phpMyAdmin in cPanel or Plesk to deal with your databases, which can be used with a web web web browser.

MySQL (cPanel or Plesk)

Download one of these applications:

The applications above are developed for managing databases.  Some web development software, like Dreamweaver, can also get connected to MySQL slightly.

MS SQL (Plesk / Windows Hosting)

Step 2: Recommended Reading: How to get connected to the MySQL database

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