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How to generate/download a full backup

A complete back-up is a back-up of all of your information, e-mail, data source, etc. To run a complete back-up, you can not obtain the complete back-up right away. The back-up needs time to perform and the server will deliver you an e-mail once the back-up is ready to obtain. Below are steps to inquiring the back-up to be conducted.

Shared and Reseller: You may only create cPanel upto 4 GB or less. If your back-up is larger than 4GB, you must contact Reprise Hosting support for help to avoid the restrict.

  •     Just click Backups
  •     Just click Generate/ Download Full Backup
  •     In the Drop down selection, choose Home Directory
  •     In the box to the right of Email Address, type the e-mail address where you will get notice once the returning up is done.
  •     Keep the rest of the configurations empty.
  •     Just click Generate back up.
  •     This will create the backup for you and place the TAR.GZ computer file inside of your House Listing.
  •     You can now obtain the back-up via cpanel / FTP/ or SSH

If you would like to obtain the back-up from cPanel (easiest way), please do the following:

  •     Just click Backups
  •     Just click Generate/Download a Full Backup
  •     Under "Backups Available for Download", follow the link with the  file name of the back-up.
  •     It will then start to Download.
  •     Select a location on your PC for where you would like to save it to.
  •     Just click Save

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