VPSHostingDeal.com Opens for Business with Low-Cost VPS Hosting

Affordable VPS Hosting - VPSHostingDeal.com 2013-07-25 15-27-02

Today VPSHostingDeal ( http://www.vpshostingdeal.com/ ) opened it’s door for business and rolled out a line of ultra low-cost Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting special promotions. With virtual private server plans starting at just $1 per month and SSD storage available for a small fee, VPSHostingDeal.com has squarely positioned itself as a leading cost competitor in an already very competitive hosting market.

Asked how VPSHostingDeal.com is able to offer such low prices, spokesman Tim Andrews offered “Our services aren’t for all users. We provide strictly self-managed VPS hosting plans. Customers who subscribe to our services ought to know how to manage their own server or be willing to spend the time to learn how. We cannot, for example, help you install WordPress, but we do offer rock-solid virtual private servers at rock-bottom prices. The self-managed nature of our plans enables us to keep our costs much lower than they would be otherwise. We pass those savings directly on to our customers.”

With the grand opening of VPSHostingDeal.com, the company has offered a full line-up of OpenVZ and Xen VPS hosting plans with a wide array of customizable upgrades including discount cPanel licenses, high-speed SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth as well as robust features including automated OS reloads, console access, RAID1 protection and automated backups. “We are without a doubt a ‘budget’ hosting provider, but we are by no means a ‘bare bones’ hosting provider,” commented Tim, “we offer many of the same upgrades and features that the expensive hosts offer.”

VPSHostingDeal.com has already indicated future plans for expansion, “over the next couple months we’ll be rolling out KVM virtualization followed shortly by KVM plans with SSD storage. We’ve had a great response from our customers so far and we’re excited for future growth.”

About VPSHostingDeal:
VPSHostingDeal ( http://www.vpshostingdeal.com ) is a division of Reprise Hosting that specializes in ultra low-cost self-managed Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting solutions.