Twitter and TV are connected according to Nielsen

Nielsen, a leading global information and measurement company of Dutch origin, tends to show a causal relationship between television and social audiences.



The group has conducted an independent study based on analysis of 221 ​​minute by minute series broadcast during prime time on different TV channels and changing the number of tweets related to the same series. Thus nearly 48% of the episodes on television followed by the study shows their tweet rates increased according to the television audience. Conversely, the volume of tweets associated with episodes has given influenced to the TV audience in 29% of cases.  Paul Donato, director of research at Nielsen, says that there is a mutual influence between the TV audience and Twitter.

“Through the analysis of time series, we saw a statistically significant causal influences indicating a spike in TV ratings can increase the volume of tweets, and conversely, a peak in Tweets can increase TV ratings

This interplay is thus very high in the context of reality programs (44% of the emissions studied). Then there are the comedies (37%), sports programs (28%) and finally the dramas that show the lowest score (18%). These tweets exchanges will in turn capture a new audience who are driven by the discussions on the social network will begin to look at this video content. By using these results, Nielsen hope to demonstrate the effectiveness of the measurement solution comparative hearing SocialGuide Intelligence, used in the study.

“The media and advertisers have begun to invest in social networks in order to get closer to consumers directly.

We believe there are significant opportunities for Nielsen to conduct additional research that will, in time quantify the relationship between television and social media activity. “Concluded Paul Donato.