RepriseHosting Offers Free Consult Services for VPS Hosting Clients

Today Reprise Hosting ( ) announced the launch of a unique value-added consultancy service. All new and current subscribers of Reprise Hosting virtual private server plans and dedicated servers will receive up to three sessions, each one hour in length, of one-on-one IT consultations. The consultations may cover a broad range of topics but are intended to provide direct hands-on assistance with the planning and execution of the client’s online presence.

“We have a multi-talented and experienced team at Reprise Hosting—seasoned programmers, experienced sysadmins, SEO specialists, management folks, you name it,” commented Jeff Michaels of Reprise Hosting. “Our clients frequently seek our guidance on a broad range of planning and execution topics related to their online businesses. Instead of deferring those requests, we’ve decided to formalize a new process by which we assist our clients with matters that are above and beyond what you’d consider ‘technical support’. Our clients have great ideas and we want to help them achieve what they set out to do.”

Asked for specifically what topics Reprise Hosting will consult on, Jeff offered: “we’ll consult on web application development with a LAMP stack, search engine optimization, mobile app development for iOS, Android or PhoneGap, OAuth, REST APIs, database architecture, e-commerce platforms, and more. We’ll be posting a full list of topics on our website. We’ll provide our clients with the hosting solutions they need and we hope to get them pointed on the right track for success with their online business, venture or app.”

The new consultation service offered by Reprise Hosting is unique for an industry that often sees itself more as a utility provider rather than a full-service business development partner.