5 Important Tips to Develop a Powerful PR Strategy

As a SEO professional, you may be surprised to know that most of what we do for search engine optimization is actually press reporting or PR. In fact, many of you have never thought that way. However, better it is for us to get out of our preconceived concept about PR. Sooner we throw away the old, rotten idea and adapt to a new one, better it will be for us to gain most from its application and best practices.

However, it is unfortunate that despite evolution in technology and channel of communication, there is lack of acceptance on our part. We must understand though a massive change has already taken place in the way we now communicate with people, it ultimately gets down to a basic – a person is talking with another one. The PR experts know it better how to work with people. Social media is basically a communication channel that can be utilized by PR professionals, lead generators, customer-service spokespersons – in a word, SEO professionals.

PR Strategy – Basic Concept

Public relation too is not a science but an art. There are strict guidelines in regards to XML sitemaps, duplicate content, less time in page loading and many other aspects of search engine optimization. However, in absence of any strict guideline, PR method can vary significantly.

Here we have summed up a step-by-step process of a PR strategy build-up that will produce best results.

Identifying Goals

It makes no sense to create a PR strategy without having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Remember, PR is meant to get coverage that would be compatible with a company’s business strategy and marketing objectives as well as support the same.

Identifying Target Markets

It is must for a PR team to do research and prepare a list of the target customers depending on your objectives..

Message & Positioning

Once you are clear about your objectives and have identified the target market, the next task for your PR team is to determine the positioning, which implies how you will brand your content, product or company to the target consumers.

Creating Media List

Next you should compile a list of outlets, which the identified target consumers will go through. The importance of this step can’t be stressed enough. While preparing media list, you should always remember that time is one of the most limited resources. The challenge is to optimally utilize the time for your PR purpose. Your PR team could send generic press release to multiple outlets through a wire service or alternatively, they could pour all of their effort for a highly desired single outlet.

PR Development & Pitching

It is the last stage that requires you to create pitches and PR. Sometimes, a single PR will be enough. However, it will be more effective if you focus your effort on unique, customized press release for every reporter or each kind of outlet.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Mozilla Firefox as Your Website Browser

Bygone are those days when Internet Explorer was the only the browser. Different options are available now in this regard. While choosing a web browser, make sure to swoop on one that will offer simplicity and high speed. There are several browsing options available today, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most well-known and popular web browsers that you can easily download. W3schools suggest over the past seven years, Mozilla has been only next to Google Chrome in terms of the most downloaded browsers. However, one must know and remember that Google is a giant company that can splurge a lot for marketing purpose which is unlikely for Mozilla.

Let us now take a hard look at why Mozilla could be your fist choice as a web browser. Here, we have figured out three most important reasons of skyrocketing popularity of Mozilla Firefox.

Add-ons & Customization: The finest aspect of Mozilla Firefox is you can easily customize and run it the way you prefer. There are several favorite add-ons including an option of creating and viewing PDF files within the browser. Customization is also possible with other web browsers but extensions are not as extensive as what you can experience while using Mozilla Firefox.

Web Development: Firefox is also popular with the website developers. It allows them to view HTML and CSS of a particular part of a website. The users are allowed to view the page coding, ranking and even login information about the online accounts without having to sign up for.

Not much of crashes & bugs: It is accepted on all hands that Firefox suffers less crashes and bugs if compared to other browsers. This web browser is much improved on its predecessors and many of its peers as well in terms of user satisfaction through alternative upload or download. Every setting can be changed to match your exact requirements when you browse internet through Firefox.

Choice varies from one person to another but here, we have presented a generic outlook in regards to Mozilla Firefox. You may prefer one browser to others just because that particular option features a smart look. But keep in mind that all top browsers are almost identical to each other in several aspects except customization. This is what makes big difference between the browsers and place Firefox above all the available options for browsing.

Happy Browsing with Mozilla Firefox!

How Google’s Updates Can affect SEO Industry & Content Quality in Future

A few months ago, Google decided to introduce encryption on its search service. Needless to say, the decision created ripples in SEO industry.

It was the WebSiteMagazie that first broke the news. They even went on to claim death of SEO in near future but then retreated a bit to point it out that despite being a big change, this data removal has placed on a slow burn though SEO techniques are slowly adapting.

Without any knowledge of which search keywords bring which visitors to a particular page, search engine optimization will emerge stronger than ever as the professionals in this line will have to be more focused on content and management.

In a nutshell, Google has done a good job to better their service.

Google has also introduced other adjustments in their search algorithm including priority of quality over quantity, long-tail keywords etc which back things up, according to analysis. Some are referring to privacy improvements though many are of the view that Google is making effort to enhance value in the index instead of returning anything and everything closely related to a particular keyword-rich search phrase. What is more, Google Keyword Planner and AdWords are still there.

From SEO perspective, Keyword Planner is described as a catch-up tool. In other words, the SEO professionals who base their keyword suggestions on AdWords are placing faith in what are likely to be perceived as the most popular phrases by the AdWords buyers. It means viability of a keyword phrase though the two-fold danger should not be overlooked. The first and foremost danger is that reliability will be missing while building an SEO strategy around it.

Another danger is with removal of keywords from referring URLs, Google will forcefully drive the traffic achieving companies and entire SEO over to AdWords. This will push up prices and the sponsored results are more likely to have high relevance to the visitors.

Should this happen, it will be an AdWords buyer’s market. It implies those with high affordability will out-perform – if not edge out – those who are not so financially fortunate. Those who had a light budget for SEO purpose could get good results by researching on the keywords that worked and leveraging the same in the free index. In absence of this possibility, power will be back to the AdWords clients.

Google’s move is regarded as a good means to value high quality content. And according to many, this is the real intention behind instead of a drive for more profit especially for a company which once sloganed “Don’t be evil”.