23 questions for Bloggers



23 Questions to ask yourself to determine if blogging is for you?

Thinking of starting your own blog? I understand you; it is easy to create a quick, simple, and more importantly, an exciting project! However, this type of site is not suitable for everyone. While it is now within the reach of all, a successful blog requires certain skills. Therefore you must know: – Why it is important to step back to see if keeping a blog is really for you or not?

Here is a list of 23 questions, inspired through the article by Darren Rowse, it is fashionable to ask if you plan to embark on serious blogging. If you do not have some of its qualities, it is not the end of the world. Rather, it is an ideal list, which is designed to help potential bloggers to make the right decision, or to acquire or develop skills.


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1 – Do you write?

Blogs are primarily a written medium: if you have a pleasure to write, than you can enjoy the writing pleasures through blogging.

2 – What is your message?

Successful blogs are usually centered on a theme or niche. Transmitting a message is important to the success of your blog. It is also necessary that you must be passionate about your subject!

3 – Are you a good communicator?

Blogs are social media. Knowing how to communicate is surely an advantage, if you don’t have than it would be nice to acquire such type of skills.

4 – Are you good at oral Communication?

If you are talented in oral communication, than you must consider “Podcast”, embed videos, and even create a blog “WebTV”.

5 – Would you be the central voice of your blog?

If indeed blogs have the ability to create a community, the debate is usually opened by a person (or a small group of people). If you are looking for something where everyone can start a conversation, perhaps you should consider creating a forum.

6 – Are you undertaking?

Start a blog application of the initiative. Blogs are certainly easy to create, but they do not handle themselves! You have to be motivated to maintain. If you find that you work more effectively as a team, consider collaborating with other bloggers.

7 – Are you disciplined?

Blogs require regular attention over time. If you do not have this quality, work it! Will you be able to motivate yourself to write something new every week?

8 – Do you have time?

Write articles, moderating comments, answer questions from readers, maintain their social network, all this takes time. Make sure you have a regular time slot to focus on your blog.

9 – Are you ready to roll with the criticism?

If you start a blog, there is a good chance that other people write about you or some aspect of what you do? This is great when the comments are positive or agree with your point, but it’s less fun when they are not. We must learn to handle criticism, whether positive or negative.

10 – Are you ready to be in the spotlight?

The blog is a public space. People will analyze your words, your style and your way of life. Some would like to know more about you, others might even recognize you in the street. Keep in mind that once you write something online, it is very difficult to remove. Not only because other bloggers will pique your words but there are archive systems that are on the web, even if you delete your blog.

11 – Do you have any technical skills?

It is true that today the creation of a blog does not necessarily require lots of Technical or Programming knowledge. But we must have some technical skill which can be an advantage. If you do not know anything, contact your friend who can help you or guide you?


12 – You take yourself too seriously?

One of the qualities that a blogger needs to excel, is the sense of humor: Bloggers must have the ability to laugh at themselves.

13 – Are you able to balance your ego?

Humility is required, the risk of sounding pretentious (and nobody really likes it). You must know your estimate fair value. In other words, do not underestimate! Getting this balance is not always easy. But it is worth it to work, since the self-promotion is an essential feature of blogging.

14 – Are you ready to learn?

“I know that I know nothing” Socrates said. This is why the best bloggers share what they know, but also seek out and promote what others know. Everyone learns every day, even the “experts.”

15 – Do you read?

To be good in writing is very useful, but the ability to read what others share is a bonus point. For me, I try to keep myself informed of what is happening in the blogosphere. I try to read at least three articles on the subject of my post.

16 – Are you an organized person?

And yes, there comes a time in the life of a serious blogger, where he will have to organize. Between articles, emails, comments, and promoting company, you can quickly get lost! One trick is to prepare your tickets in advance and plan their publication in your blog engine.

17 – Are you a social person?

Some bloggers disable comments, treat their emails only partially, rarely answered questions. Or rather it is to your advantage to dedicate yourself to your readers. They will return the favor!

18 – Do you like virtual relationships?

It may be that you are social, but terrible when it comes to relationships online. Be comfortable with people you’ve never met before. Spot the merits of what people say which can also be very useful.

19 – Are you creative?

The web is indeed a crowded place: to be able to develop content that stands out from the rest and that causes surprises can prove to be a real plus point.

20 – Are you persistent?

It is very rare that blogs become popular overnight. A long-term approach is needed. Arm yourself with patience and courage!

21 – Are you consistent?

Sometimes bloggers suddenly change the way they approach their subjects, or diversify without warning, and start to get in trouble or lose respect for their readers.

22 – Are you honest and transparent?

In real life, it can be fairly easy to keep a secret or cultivate a dual personality but in the blogosphere, every readers and writers keep an eye on each other. So be prepared to be held accountable for the things you say.

23 – Are you ready to work hard?

So you answered “yes” to almost every question? If this is the case, I think you have all the characteristics of a future breakout blogger. If you have any ideas, feel free to share your thoughts through comment section below!