Password Selection – How to Create a Strong Password

Strong PasswordThe best way to keep your online accounts and information secured is to use a strong password. Most of the internet users don’t have any idea of what a strong password is all about. Even they are not much aware that weak password is an easy point to unauthorized entries.

Now what does it mean by unauthorized access? It refers to any successful attempt to use your website or information without your permission. The hackers use others’ information for their own malicious purpose. Password protection is a way to prevent such attacks.

What is a strong password?

There are several dos and don’t to ensure that your password is strong. It should not contain anything that can give a clue to vital information. Is it composed of numbers that are strongly related with you? Does it contain your pet name or name of your pet, your favorite sports team, favorite writer or book, your anniversary or date of birth? It’s more likely that somebody who knows you well could easily guess what you might use for your password.

It is necessary for the internet users to have a strong password which is easy to memorize at the same time. However, your selection of password should be challenging for others to guess correctly. The hackers can easily find out your password if it contains a name or number or anything else from the vocabulary.

The best and strongest protection password should contain the following characters:

  • At least 2 capital letters
  • At least 1 lower-case letter
  • At least 2 signs (though it is optional)
  • At least 1 number

Entering a protection password might not be that much difficult if you follow the simple rules as stated above but it might not be easy to remember the character-numeric combination. Here is a guideline how you can remember your protection password easily.

  • Begin with an easy name or term (It must be at least 8 figures lengthy).
  • Modify two figures that resemble signs. For example, use @ for a, $ for s, ! for 1 and so on.
  • Change a correspondence to identical variety. For example, use 0 for O, 1 for l, 8 for b etc.
  • Remember to add some padding figures like ………

It is better for you to create a few passwords and use them in a recycling way for different gadgets and widgets. However, make sure that you don’t recycle your most essential passwords.