Password Selection – How to Create a Strong Password

Strong PasswordThe best way to keep your online accounts and information secured is to use a strong password. Most of the internet users don’t have any idea of what a strong password is all about. Even they are not much aware that weak password is an easy point to unauthorized entries.

Now what does it mean by unauthorized access? It refers to any successful attempt to use your website or information without your permission. The hackers use others’ information for their own malicious purpose. Password protection is a way to prevent such attacks.

What is a strong password?

There are several dos and don’t to ensure that your password is strong. It should not contain anything that can give a clue to vital information. Is it composed of numbers that are strongly related with you? Does it contain your pet name or name of your pet, your favorite sports team, favorite writer or book, your anniversary or date of birth? It’s more likely that somebody who knows you well could easily guess what you might use for your password.

It is necessary for the internet users to have a strong password which is easy to memorize at the same time. However, your selection of password should be challenging for others to guess correctly. The hackers can easily find out your password if it contains a name or number or anything else from the vocabulary.

The best and strongest protection password should contain the following characters:

  • At least 2 capital letters
  • At least 1 lower-case letter
  • At least 2 signs (though it is optional)
  • At least 1 number

Entering a protection password might not be that much difficult if you follow the simple rules as stated above but it might not be easy to remember the character-numeric combination. Here is a guideline how you can remember your protection password easily.

  • Begin with an easy name or term (It must be at least 8 figures lengthy).
  • Modify two figures that resemble signs. For example, use @ for a, $ for s, ! for 1 and so on.
  • Change a correspondence to identical variety. For example, use 0 for O, 1 for l, 8 for b etc.
  • Remember to add some padding figures like ………

It is better for you to create a few passwords and use them in a recycling way for different gadgets and widgets. However, make sure that you don’t recycle your most essential passwords.

Website, Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting – Three Steps to Step into Virtual World

websiteIf you want to put yourself on the search engines with business bag and baggage, you must have a searchable domain name. Let us first start with importance of a website and then gradually proceed to domain name registration and web hosting service.

Is it important to have a website?

Every business, big or small, has potentials to grow up but that can never be realized if it is not advertised or promoted properly. Virtual world has provided the entrepreneurs with a platform to publicize their products to worldwide audience. It is much more an effective medium when it comes to brand publicity or product promotion. It is also a cost-excellent medium to reach your target audience throughout the world.

Get your domain name registered

Once you have decided to have a website, it is high time to go with a domain name registration. At first, choose a name that has not been assigned to any other website. In a word, the name should be unique and available to you. Domain name actually reserves a space for you website in the virtual world. If you provide your domain name to someone else, it will leave a big impact on your business. You will be able to set up connection to different branches by allowing them to be on the same server and distribute the cost accordingly.

Choose the right web hosting

As far web hosting is concerned, you have three options to choose from – shared hosting, virtual hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is least expensive but features not so great benefits for the users. It offers less uptime and speed is not great too. Still, it is best for the small businesses as they are short on hosting budget and can do without high uptime and excellent speed.

Virtual web hosting is a much improved version, allowing multiple users to share the same physical server. However, each virtually divided segment assigned to particular user behaves like an independent dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting is definitely the best choice if you can afford it. Definitely expensive it is but dedicated hosting offers high uptime and speed. What is more, it offers enhanced internet security for the users. Security is most important when you are on the web because if the hackers get an access to your personal details, it might cast a bad spell on your business. Whatever type of web hosting you choose to go with, make sure to deal with a reliable service provider to get best value for your investment.

“DNS Already Exists” – What Will You Do after Seeing the Error Message

dns-errorBefore we jump to our subject matter i.e. an error message regarding existing DNS entry, let’s first define DNS and learn what it is actually meant for.

What is DNS?

DNS is the trimmed form of Domain Name System. It refers to a hierarchically distributed naming system for computer or other resources or services connected to internet or a private network. It correlates information with domain names which are assigned to every participating entity. Most importantly, DNS translates easily memorized domain names into numerical IP addresses required to locate computer devices and services worldwide. DNS is an integral part of internet functionality which provides a distributed keyword-based redirection service along the length and breadth of the world.

Domain Name System or DNS distributes the responsibility of domain names assignment and mapping the same to IP addresses by creating authoritative name servers for every domain. Authoritative name servers are designed to be responsible for the supported domains and are entitled to delegate authority over the sub-domains to other name servers. This system exemplifies a well distributed and fault tolerant service which is designed to avert any requirement for a single central database.

DNS also details technical functionality of database service. It clearly defines the DNS protocol and a comprehensive specification of data communication exchanges as well as data structures in DNS, regarded as a part of the Internet Protocol Suite.

Error Message in WHM – DNS Already Exists

Are you trying to do a new domain name addition in WHM? The following error message might flash on the screen:

Account Creation Status: failed
Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first
(from every server in the DNS cluster)

The error message means that a DNS Zone File exists for this domain. To fix the problem, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on ‘Delete a DNS Zone’ (You will find it in the WHM left-hand menu)
  • Remove the Domain name you have been trying to add.
  • Try again to create account.

Note of Warning: Make it certain that you are attempting to delete the correct DNS Zone and it does not have any setting as per your need. There is no way that you can undo your action or restore the DNS records, if it is accidentally deleted. Following deletion of existing DNS Zone, custom setting is to be recreated in the new DNS Zone.

So, you can see that the process involves no complication. Still if you feel uncomfortable, you can surely contact your web hosting support staff for help.

How to Re-provision Your Virtual Private Server

ReprovisionBefore we jump to the subject topic, i.e. re-provisioning of server, let us first delve into what it means by provisioning of server. In telecommunication field, provisioning refers to the process of preparing a network to enable it to provide services to the intended users. When it comes to NS/EP telecommunications services, provisioning is almost synonymous with “Initiation” and involves changing the state of existing capability or priority service.

Service mediation or network provisioning points out at provisioning of customers’ service to the networking elements, most of which are used in the telecommunication industry. It needs existence of network elements and heavily relies on network planning and designing. In an advanced signal infrastructure which employs information technology at every level, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between “higher level” infrastructure and telecommunication services. Provisioning is all about configuring any required system and providing the users with an access to technology resources and data information. It is also in high reference to enterprise-standard information resource management.

However, if you consider the picture from a management perspective, it’s usually managed by a CIO and involves a strong cooperation between IT departments and human resources to perform the following actions:

  • Grant the users authorization to system, database and networking applications or give them access to data sources on the basis of a unique user identity,
  • Suit their specific use of hardware assets, including computers, pagers, handsets and the likes.

After provisioning, the SysOpping process makes it sure that expected services are rendered and consistency in standard is thoroughly maintained. Provisioning, therefore, refers to only the setup or startup portion of service operation as well as SysOpping to the current responsibility.

Now let us come to re-provisioning of server. Undo all the changes, start from fresh installation and follow the instructions below for both Windows and Linux:


It has to be set manually from the end of your web hosting service provider. So, call your web hosting service provider for the necessary setting.


The web hosting companies allow their clients to re-provision their server from Virtuozzo Power Panel. Here are the guidelines how you can do that:

  • Login in to your hosting provider’s control panel
  • Select VPS (Virtual Private Server Management)
  • At the bottom, you will find a statement that reads ‘Login to VZPP’; click any one from the two links
  • Add an exception in the browser you are currently using to continue to the Panel
  • Choose Maintenance in the Management menu found on the top-left corner

Facebook Wipes out Social Fixer’s Facebook Pages

Socail Fixer

Socail Fixer

Just a fortnight after Ars projected the work of a man who had long been working on a browser extension which was claimed to add multiple features to the most popular social networking website, Facebook has suddenly cracked on the extension of the developer’s Facebook pages.

Matt Kruse who created Social Fixer has claimed in his blog on Thursday that he worked hard all throughout night for 4 long years to create a community around his software but all those were destroyed all on a sudden when the social networking giant decided to close it without issuing any notice.  He has also written in his blog that his Page had already amassed 338,050 Likes, Interest List got 1.47 Million followers and Support Group had 13,360 members.

He also tried to reverse the decision by clicking on Facebook’s appeal button but it was completely wiped out by 11th September. The social networking website even made no response to Ars’ request for a comment.

Kruse says that he did not receive any warning from Facebook. According to his version, he went to feedback forum, tried different things but did not hear anything from the forum members. He has said to have been using Facebook as a primary tool to communicate with everybody in his friend list and followers. However, he has claimed that though Facebook has forced him out of their website, it won’t leave much of impact on his ability to develop the program and distribute the same.

Social Fixer makes a good use of JavaScript to modify the interface of this social networking website. It provides the users with multiple options to customize Facebook interface. For example, you can change layout, filter posts shared by your friends, transform separated updates into tabs, attach a theme to everything and also hide the posts you don’t like.

Now you can understand how much work Kruse put in. He integrated a Paypal button at the bottom of his website. It was an effort on his part to cover the expenses on the project. However, he has claimed to have made no money from it though admitted that he has been contracted several times by those who meant business.

Both Facebook and Google have offered him a job but the JavaScript developer turned down the offers. Kruse says that he nourishes no negative feelings towards Facbook despite of what has happened to him though did not hide his frustration at the way the entire episode was handled.