Important Tips for Optimum Use of Safari Browser

Safari is the default web browser on Apple devices. If you are well aware of its features and functions, it will be much easier for you to optimally use the browser. This will enable you to access links, launch websites quickly and use the browser to its optimum potentials. This article will discuss a few hot tips for Safari on iPad and iPhone, which will help you use the browser more conveniently.

The most advantageous part of Safari is you do not have to type in full URL while opening a website. You will also not be required to directly save screen shots on your camera. Follow these tips for smart Safari browsing on your iPad and iPhone.

Search within a webpage

If you are using Safari, it is possible to perform search within a page. You need to do the followings:

  • Launch a webpage on Safari browser.
  • There is a search box at right side of the browser. You need to input any text from the webpage into it.
  • A list will show up, scroll to find “On this page” Mobile Safari to search within the webpage.
  • As soon as your search shows on the text, you can find out the specific term or word that repeatedly appears on the page.

No need to enter www & .com

If you are using default browser Safari, you do not need to type in a full URL. Instead, enter in the keywords. For example, if you want to open Facebook, just type in Facebook instead of writing and you will be directed to the page.

Enabling Private Browsing

Private browsing is the most important feature that you must enable if you want to keep tracks of your browsing history.

  • For private browsing, choose Settings>Safari>Switch On the Mode.
  • If the private browsing is turned on, a dark gray hue will be visible. It implies that the websites you are browsing are not traceable by the administrator.

Fetching URL

You can easily copy and paste the URL just by a right click while working on a desktop computer. However, things are much different on Safari.

  • Tap and hold the link (URL) to open the options tab and the URL will appear on top right.
  • Tap to copy the link and include the same in your reading list.

Quick Access to Top Level Domains or TLDs

In Mobile Safari, it gets much easier to access TLDs even if it contains no .com or .org at the end.

Tap and hold to have a host of options which include the list of TLDs. These are, however, location-dependent.

Select from the list and then press Enter.

Microsoft Reduces Prices for Windows XP Patches

Microsoft has taken double stands in regards to Windows XP support price. The software giant has, one hand, pulled the plug on support for Windows XP and on other hand, it provides Windows XP security patches to big corporate houses which are always ready to pay a handsome amount to avail the service.

In the last month, Microsoft made a substantial reduction in price. On April 8 – the same day when Microsoft withdrew their support for Windows XP – Gartner released a research note, which is available to only the subscribers. It said, on the basis of some of its clients’ reports, Microsoft was reducing the highest price for customer support. Gartner has words of advice for its clients, who are in need of XP patches, “to go through Custom Support Agreement plans for risk reduction and potential cost”.

In accordance with estimation by Gartner, 20-25 percent of enterprise systems are still using Windows XP. For enterprise customers, the reason for their sticking with XP is they have custom peripherals or applications to make migration complex and difficult. In 2012, Gartner said they were informed by some of their customers that Microsoft was charging in the region of $5 million for extended Windows XP support coverage. However, Gartner also added that the cost was reduced to nearly $2 million (maximum).

Microsoft is getting cautious with regards to Windows XP. Officials are unwilling to look like they are, once again, extending their support deadline for the 13-year old OS. But a lot of large and high-profile shops still prefer Windows XP. If these customers encounter security issues, which Microsoft patches could have easily solved, Microsoft will not be considered a good guy. Even after a considerable reduction in max price level, Custom Support Agreements are primarily intended for the large enterprise houses. That gives a clear hint that it is still not meant for the small wigs in business field or individual customers who want to run their system on Windows XP.

It is worth a mention that there is a limit – limit of time – which is yet to be disclosed by Microsoft as to how long the company will provide XP patches to the users who are shelling out for CSA coverage. And the customers, who want to avail CSA coverage, must have proper migration plans in place with a deadline for project completion and quarterly deployment milestones.

Convey Professionalism through Your Website – It Works

Lack of professionalism is not always a big matter at workplaces but it matters a lot if clients come into the picture. No one will make a big fuss if you take shoes off under your table. But will it be right for you to greet clients without shoes or unmatched shocks? Surely not! You must slip them back on… restore professionalism.

Absence of professionalism becomes a serious issue when you need to be presentable. I understand that it is not always possible for you to adhere to strict standards of professional code and conduct as we, human beings, are always prone to making mistakes. However, it is important to maintain professionalism in front of your customers and the first step to start with is your website.

Don’t Leave Wrong Grammars

Formatting and typos are very crucial. Grammatical mistakes, misspellings, improper use of words, overlapping of texts, improper features, poor navigation – all these are enough to suggest that your website is not professional in look. Reasons for such unprofessionalism are often very simple such as incompatibility of update with website theme (if the site is based on WordPress) or if old Magento version is upgraded.

For potential customers, your website is the window to your company. It will be the first experience for them about your company and through which you can reach your target market on the internet. In case of minor or few mistakes, the customers may not notice them but you need to ensure that any of your target customers never feels that your company is susceptible to mistakes.

Step into a Customer’s Shoes

Think from a customer’s angle. Will you spend your hard-earned money on products/service of a company if its website lacks professionalism? Definitely not! You will suspect that if a company that cannot manage their website will ever be able to deliver products in time. When it comes to reviewing your own website, make sure to maintain high level of professionalism. However, it never suggests that your website will lack fun.

There are several websites which are highly professional but have a lot of fun at the same time. Your website must contain relevant information and convey the right tone that you want it to do. It matters little what you sell, everything boils down to the message that is conveyed to your customers through your website. A website that lacks sales pitch or has no message to relay is everything but professional.

If you fail to decide if your website is professional or not, ask your friend, a professional or take help from an online editing service. Take time to double check your website or anything you post on it.

How to Make Parallax Scrolling Websites SEO-Friendly

Parallax Scrolling has emerged as one of the latest trend in the industry of web design and development. However, it is often claimed in many online articles and blogs that most of the parallax scrolling websites are not SEO-friendly.

Origin & Definitions of Parallax Scrolling

It was originally developed for video gaming to add ‘special effects’ that will provide the audience with an illusion of depth. The technique moves different layers of images, content or background at different speeds.

Parallax Scrolling & Current Trends in Industry

Without any doubt, parallax scrolling is the current trend in the industry. The trend can be traced back to 2011 when Ian Coyle designed the first Parallax website for “Nike Better World”. The trend is going strong in 2014 and likely to be in style for few more years to come.

A website, despite its good look and great functioning, gets lost in the online crowd of websites if it fails to rank high in search engine result window. One thing you should remember in this regard that most of such websites are not SEO-friendly never means that they can’t be friendly with SEO techniques and tactics.

Here are some more facts about parallax scrolling:

  • Regular on-page SEO requirements like address in footer, schema etc will apply. Make sure to start with SEO architecture before applying the design to the same.
  • If you want to develop a version of your website for mobile, parallax scrolling is not an ideal choice as it will make website heavy. For mobile views, do remember to remove parallax scrolling.

There are three effective techniques to ensure a good rank for your parallax scrolling website.

Technique #1

This technique involves use of JQuery for one page parallax scrolling web design to give it tweaks for search engine optimization.

Advantage: Good solution for one page parallax hosting in need of SEO treatment. It also works well for the small websites that want to avoid hard core and more complicated analytics.

Disadvantage: Never good for in-depth analysis.

Technique #2

It is a very simple technique that requires you to start a SEO web frame and then apply parallax scrolling design effects on every SEO URL.

Advantages: Easy to implement and good for analysis.

Disadvantages: Too much of parallax scrolling will make loading slower.

Technique #3

The last one involves application of parallax hosting on the homepage and then includes other SEO-friendly URLs sans parallax scrolling.

Advantage: Flexible and lightweight website that is easy to create.

Disadvantage: Not optimizing creativity or making the website highly interactive.

Importance of HomePage Images

All entrepreneurs need to make some important decisions every day. Everything from product design to management is organized with a solid intention of selling a product and building a brand. And while doing so, you forget certain important aspects including your homepage images. Surprisingly for the business owners, this aspect is seemingly simpler but performs a crucial job to shape a brand perception, heavily influence decision making of the customers and profoundly improve rate of conversion.

Creating First Experience

There is an old adage – “you have only one chance to make a first impression” and even in this technology-driven age, there is no way to shrug it off. If you want to make a purchase online, the first thing you will do is to visit the homepage. You will take a quick look at the product profile and its attributes before making a snappy decision whether to buy it or not. Homepage images help in creating a quick and positive impression.

A person, who is either tired or in hurry to make a quick buy, is more likely to be influenced by a visual rather than texts. This is because; it requires more effort to process texts. Moreover, subject, setting, quality and color of visuals also give out some important characteristics to influence the potentials consumers. By placing engaging and relevant images of your products and the individuals who have already used your items, you will be able to capture your visitors’ attention, which will spur further research.

Affecting User Experience

Internet users are the most tired flock as they are constantly pelted by eyeball-grabbing solicitations. Visuals deliver a great deal of information more effectively and efficiently compared to texts, thus commanding instant attention. From that perspective, images are more user-friendly, benefiting both parties involved in online shopping. Visuals are usually pleasant and what is more, these are easy to understand. Through visual presentation of the products, the businesses can gain an improved and interactive web experience.

A combination of usability and effective communication results into building a more positive image of a brand, which will open more engagement opportunities and positively impact future sales.

Affecting Conversion

Conversion is the ultimate goal for every business owner. If the first impression strongly inducts the viewers, they are more likely to stay on your website to enjoy an enhanced browsing experience. Decent web design with interesting and eye-catching visuals will help improve conversion rates and convey brand message. Images on homepage are not just for decoration, rather these are tools to expand your customer base, which will bring in more revenue and enhance brand perception in an effective way.