4 Characteristics of an effective Domain name

Here are certain Tips for a Successful Domain name:-

1 – Short

While purchasing a domain name from a recognized Registrar, we must choose a domain name with less number of characters because an effective domain name is supposed to be ideally composed of one or two words, three words are rather average, over three is generally a bad idea.
Therefore it is often recommended not to exceed 20 characters.

2 – Easy to remember

You should know that some Internet users use the bookmark features. They then store their favorite websites or blogs and type the url whenever they want to visit. However, if your domain is complex, difficult to remember, spelling mistakes or Typo domain, contains too many special characters or different from the name of your site / blog, you may lose the opportunity to attract the type of visitors.

3 – Appropriate extension



The. Com remains an informed choice. Why? Just because this is the most popular and the one that remains anchored in the head, especially while trying to remember a web address.

If the. Com is not available; there are other choices depending on your type of site or business. For example:
- The .org is especially useful if you are an organization or NGO
- If you want to target a particular group of visitors or you own a local business geographical area, there are extensions provided for this purpose, including the re ca fr (France) (Canada) , etc.

- If you get into the WebTB, consider the extension .tv

4 – Descriptive

Note that many visitors will come to your site via search engines. Your domain name must be capable to attract attention and be relevant to the content of your site / blog.
If your domain name contains keywords, than that would be a bonus which can guide your visitors easily. For example, if I type “travel california” in my search, I can come across californiahub.com and californiahotspot.com, I’ll tend to click the first choice.
Keywords can also boost your site / blog for SEO.

RepriseHosting.com Rolls Out Affordable SSD VPS Hosting

Today Reprise Hosting ( http://www.reprisehosting.com/ ) rolled out a new line of affordable SSD VPS hosting plans. The plans run on servers with solid state drives configured in RAID1 for an ideal combination of speed and hardware fault tolerance. Subscribers of the SSD VPS hosting plans can expect to see dramatic improvements in I/O related activities such as database queries, video conversions, etc as well as a substantial reduction in page load times.

“A growing number of our customers have expressed an interest in solid state drives,” said Jeff Michaels, a spokesman from Reprise Hosting. “Solid state drives are much faster than traditional hard drives because, among many factors, they have no moving parts. SSD VPS hosting offers performance improvements across the board because anything being written or read from the drive happens so much quicker. Databases, game servers, simple static HTML websites—they all benefit from the introduction of solid state drives.”

Reprise Hosting will initially offer solid state drives on OpenVZ VPS hosting plans for an add-on fee of $3.95 per month. “The majority of our customer base subscribes to OpenVZ VPS hosting plans. We wanted to give the majority of our customers the opportunity to upgrade to solid state performance first. Our customers hosted on Xen architecture will have the opportunity to upgrade after a couple months.”

At the time of this writing, the promotional code “SSD75” may be used during checkout at RepriseHosting.com to obtain a 75% discount on the first month bill. New customers only.

5 Rules for a Successful E-commerce Website

Launching and managing an e-commerce website is not an easy task. So many details have to be considered, it is easy to overlook some important key aspects for the success of your site. Just like a traditional shop, customers have certain expectations while shopping online. If these needs are not met, your customers may never return to your site, or they could share their bad experience with others on forums, blogs and social networking sites.




Here are 5 Tips to Attract your Customers:-

1.       Create an appealing design and layout:-

Nobody likes to get into a messy shop. It ruins the customer experience. The same concept applies to online stores. Customers want to be able to navigate through an attractive web site which enables them to easily find what they need? Investing time and money in a well-designed website will bring more customers and they’ll tend to return regularly.

2.   Full steam ahead! :-

It’s hard to believe, but sometime the speed of your website can affect your gross sales. If your site tramples one second too, you could lose revenue. According to infographic from KISSmetrics, if an online store is grossing $ 100 000 per day, a one-second delay in loading a page might intersect $ 2.5 million in sales per year. If the speed of your site needs to be improved, consider investing in a content delivery network (CDN), which will increase the availability and performance of content that you offer your customers.

3.  Balance between too much and too little product:-

Offer a wide selection of products can do more harm than good. You should strike a balance between providing the products that your customers want and offer options such quantity that they cannot easily find what they need. Simplify as much as possible the task of your customers with a powerful search tool, which will be able to provide results quickly.

 4.       Your product page as a Sales pitch:-

A good use of visual elements such as photos and videos also helps to get their attention. See your product page as sales pitch. You will enjoy the attention of your customers for a short period, so you need to stir up interest from the start through attractive images and videos.

 5. A checkout hassle:-

If you have performed the steps given above and your customer is ready to checkout. Do not breathe a sigh of relief! To avoid dropping the final stages of the buying process, make sure to highlight the shipping charges on your home page or product page. There is nothing worse for a customer than to get to the fund that will pay more for shipping than for the products they buy. In addition, guests enjoy the sites that offer a variety of payment methods, as well as sites that do not require creating an account after you place an order.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to grow your website into a successful company and thus see your efforts rewarded.

VPSHostingDeal.com Opens for Business with Low-Cost VPS Hosting

Affordable VPS Hosting - VPSHostingDeal.com 2013-07-25 15-27-02

Today VPSHostingDeal ( http://www.vpshostingdeal.com/ ) opened it’s door for business and rolled out a line of ultra low-cost Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting special promotions. With virtual private server plans starting at just $1 per month and SSD storage available for a small fee, VPSHostingDeal.com has squarely positioned itself as a leading cost competitor in an already very competitive hosting market.

Asked how VPSHostingDeal.com is able to offer such low prices, spokesman Tim Andrews offered “Our services aren’t for all users. We provide strictly self-managed VPS hosting plans. Customers who subscribe to our services ought to know how to manage their own server or be willing to spend the time to learn how. We cannot, for example, help you install WordPress, but we do offer rock-solid virtual private servers at rock-bottom prices. The self-managed nature of our plans enables us to keep our costs much lower than they would be otherwise. We pass those savings directly on to our customers.”

With the grand opening of VPSHostingDeal.com, the company has offered a full line-up of OpenVZ and Xen VPS hosting plans with a wide array of customizable upgrades including discount cPanel licenses, high-speed SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth as well as robust features including automated OS reloads, console access, RAID1 protection and automated backups. “We are without a doubt a ‘budget’ hosting provider, but we are by no means a ‘bare bones’ hosting provider,” commented Tim, “we offer many of the same upgrades and features that the expensive hosts offer.”

VPSHostingDeal.com has already indicated future plans for expansion, “over the next couple months we’ll be rolling out KVM virtualization followed shortly by KVM plans with SSD storage. We’ve had a great response from our customers so far and we’re excited for future growth.”

About VPSHostingDeal:
VPSHostingDeal ( http://www.vpshostingdeal.com ) is a division of Reprise Hosting that specializes in ultra low-cost self-managed Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting solutions.