Managed Hosting for Your Small Business Needs

managed servicesTechnology has given a new dimension to business. And it is not only IT companies but also every firm relying on networking infrastructure is reaping the most of hosting service. Though the corporate giants are never in two minds over the choice of hosting service, the small companies are often confused about making the right selection. This is because they are not in knowhow of the features of managed and unmanaged hosting and what will work best for their purpose. Instead of making the decision on your own, leave it to a reliable hosting service provider who is capable of handling every server related issue.

You need to have your basic concepts clear. In unmanaged hosting, you use a rented server and whoever at your small set-up is most experienced in IT services is trusted with server management. Managed hosting is best-suited for your small business. It refers to a certain kind of hosting plan which monitors your networking system round the clock, keeping bandwidth and your website’s performance at their best always. So when compared, managed hosing is definitely a better option whereas unmanaged hosting often proves to be a gambling for the small business owners. Let’s now focus on the advantages of managed hosting.


The hosting providers have the most advanced tool and experienced professionals to take care of security issues. They configure software firewalls, run security audits, filter spam, do virus scanning and also provide updates on operating system.


Data loss can be extensively damaging for any company. Whatever the reason is for such loss, a hosting company provides backup should such disaster ever happen.

Server Monitoring

The hosting service provider scan server 24×7 for any kind of unforeseen issue. Constant monitoring is very important for any business. System admin always makes it sure that your network is available and up all the time.

Managed Storage & Database

System admin manages your storage requirements, thereby saving your expenses. It ensures the required amount of space is properly scaled and managed. Database management is more complicated and in case of managed hosting, the admin excellently designs a database to fulfill your specific business requirements.


The small business owners don’t have much of staff to do server management and they can’t afford to waste their time on server handling. Spend that time to take care of your growing business needs and let the managed hosting service provider to manage your server.


Though managed hosting requires more investment initially as compared to unmanaged hosting, it will prove to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.