Keyword Density – Is It Really Important

Choice of right keywords is very important for your SEO success. A keyword refers to a single word or phrase that the online crews input in their search browser to get information about a product or service relevant to the particular term.

However, selection of keyword is not enough and you need to maintain density of the same in the body of your content. Keyword density is considered extremely critical to get a good rank in the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Each of different search engines has different algorithms which play a significant role in determining the ranking of a particular website in the search result page.

What is keyword density?

Search engines have strict guidelines regarding keyword density and the websites owners, who cross the limit of keyword tolerance, are punished with drop in site ranking. However, Bing and Yahoo usually accept a higher density compared to Google. Keyword density actually refers to how many times you should use the word or phrase on your website or in content taking a tour of the web world. A keyword or keyphrase is usually used after some interval in a website or an article. And keyword density is determined in respect of total volume of words.

In bygone days, many of the SEO experts were almost obsessed with keyword density. They used to devote a good share of their SEO work related time to perfect formulation of keyword density. Surprisingly, they were not much concerned over preparing a list of most effective keywords that will earn them a good ranking. However, things are much changed now and the SEO professionals are equally attentive to finding out the right keyphrases and maintaining the density as specified by the search engines.

Keyword density refers to a procedure of optimizing your web page or any content around a certain keyword phrase. According to the latest rule, the keyword density should be within 1-1.5%, implying that the particular keyphrase will appear 4-6 times in a 400 words long content. There is no universal rule and recipe in regards to keyword concentration as degree of acceptability greatly varies from one search engine to another.

Surpassing the specified limit of keyword density will put search engines on high alert and as a result, your web page, articles and blogs will be considered as spam. This over-stuffing destroys the flow and readability of the language, lowering interest and conversation rate of the readers. This is a serious penalty that you have to pay for an extremely keyword-rich web or SEO content.

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