How to Start a Web Hosting Business

The last decade is a witness to the fact that internet marketing is growing at an exponential speed. This reasons why more and more of the individuals are shrugging off their inhibitions and turning attention to online marketing, or to be specific, website designing. This has given a boost to the hosting companies to multiply quickly. Reseller hosting is the latest concept in the sphere of online marketing.

Reseller Hosting – What is That?

Reseller hosting is defined as a type of hosting, in which an already owned hosting is sold to multiple clients under your name, with the main provider nowhere in the picture. A good example will help to clear the matter. Suppose that you have bought a reseller-hosting package from a hosting company who provides you with 10000 MB web space along with 10000 MB bandwidth. Now if you don’t need that much, you can resell the portion which is not in use.

You can make it clear that the users, who you are dealing with for resale, should pay according to space and bandwidth allotted to them. The payment coming from them is completely yours and you don’t have to share it with the main web hosting service provider.

Followings are a few steps to choose the best reseller package:

Platform: It is the first and most important step for making a good choice of reseller-hosting provider. Platform here refers to web server and could be anything such as Windows, Unix or Linux. You have to assess the needs of your customers. If they feel more comfortable with open source technologies like PERL or PHP, Python etc, you should go with Linux based server.

Features: The next step for you is to consider features that your target customers are in search of. Usually the customers want Disk Space, Databases, Sub-Domain, Bandwidth, Python SSI, Script like PERL, Back-ups, CGI, FTP accounts, E-mail, Server Uptime etc.

Cost: Consider if you can afford the primary investment.

Support: If you are getting round-the-clock support for the hosted domain, technical and other related issues, don’t think twice to buy the package.

Choose the Best: First make your plan and then go out for a good find. Don’t deal with the first web hosting provider that you chance upon. Consider a few available packages and then make an informed decision.

How to Start a Reselling Business

  • After you have purchased a hosting package, develop your website that supports a particular amount of hosting.
  • Distribute your re-selling package among multiple customers and ask them to play according to facilities available.
  • Competition is very high and set the charge at a level lower than the market rate. This will attract more customers to your package.