Google plays the curators of the Online Search

Google is experimenting in highlighting feature articles related to user queries.



Google is experimenting highlighting articles related background to user queries. The preliminary work is done without human intervention: it is made exclusively by algorithms whose role is to separate the wheat from the chaff by aggregating ’original’ web pages , which differ from others who are dealing with the same theme. Currently, the scope of the experiments is initially limited to the United States.

This will involve understanding the issues as well as semantic context, while taking into account to assess the quality of the content, their influence on the web: diffusion on social networks, inbound links. Some sites that currently lack visibility could benefit from this feature that will materialize on the interface of the search engine. This new feature is in line with the Knowledge Graph technology which was introduced in May 2012 and additional elements drawn from a database of billions of facts and entities, constructed from sources like Wikipedia.