Facebook Wipes out Social Fixer’s Facebook Pages

Socail Fixer

Socail Fixer

Just a fortnight after Ars projected the work of a man who had long been working on a browser extension which was claimed to add multiple features to the most popular social networking website, Facebook has suddenly cracked on the extension of the developer’s Facebook pages.

Matt Kruse who created Social Fixer has claimed in his blog on Thursday that he worked hard all throughout night for 4 long years to create a community around his software but all those were destroyed all on a sudden when the social networking giant decided to close it without issuing any notice.  He has also written in his blog that his Page had already amassed 338,050 Likes, Interest List got 1.47 Million followers and Support Group had 13,360 members.

He also tried to reverse the decision by clicking on Facebook’s appeal button but it was completely wiped out by 11th September. The social networking website even made no response to Ars’ request for a comment.

Kruse says that he did not receive any warning from Facebook. According to his version, he went to feedback forum, tried different things but did not hear anything from the forum members. He has said to have been using Facebook as a primary tool to communicate with everybody in his friend list and followers. However, he has claimed that though Facebook has forced him out of their website, it won’t leave much of impact on his ability to develop the program and distribute the same.

Social Fixer makes a good use of JavaScript to modify the interface of this social networking website. It provides the users with multiple options to customize Facebook interface. For example, you can change layout, filter posts shared by your friends, transform separated updates into tabs, attach a theme to everything and also hide the posts you don’t like.

Now you can understand how much work Kruse put in. He integrated a Paypal button at the bottom of his website. It was an effort on his part to cover the expenses on the project. However, he has claimed to have made no money from it though admitted that he has been contracted several times by those who meant business.

Both Facebook and Google have offered him a job but the JavaScript developer turned down the offers. Kruse says that he nourishes no negative feelings towards Facbook despite of what has happened to him though did not hide his frustration at the way the entire episode was handled.