Domain Parking – Basic Concept

domain parkingDomain parking is a good idea if you are looking for an inexpensive way to secure a domain name with purpose of re-sale, further development and traffic redirection. Domain registrants and sellers provide free domain parking and registration as well. Many people have money to own a website and purchase a domain name. However, many of them don’t do so. This could be put down to lack of time or even skill. In such cases, domain parking is the most suitable choice for them.

A parked domain contains one simple page. The page will show either it is coming soon or under construction if the website or a certain page of it is yet to be developed. For website development, there will be no deadline. Hence, the website owners can secure the domain name and park it for future use (for example, re-sale or later development) by paying for annual renewal fee.

If you decide to get the domain developed, you can certainly do so by availing hosting service. And once it is hosted by the service provider, it will lose its ‘parking’ status. Domain parking has another use when you already have a successful website and want to redirect the visitors there. It is the most inexpensive method for protection of your website. Another use of domain parking is for re-sale purpose which means transfer of ownership to a potential buyer for fee. During early days of internet, it was very common but now laws have become more stringent to protect the intellectual rights. However, page parking for selling purpose is not considered unlawful under revised regulations.

Points needed to consider before opting for domain parking

If you want to do domain parking, there are some points to be taken into consideration. Most of the domain server registrants provide hosting service. However, it is not a compulsion that you have to approach the domain seller for your website hosting. It is up to you to take a smart decision. Also make sure to check that the domain seller doesn’t hold the rights to your domain.

After purchasing the domain, you must have the sole authority to control registration information of your domain. In particular, you have the right to transfer the purchased domain to an independent hosting service provider if it is ever required. There should be no fee for domain transfer, so remember to check it.

Domain parking also makes a great option to generate income and don’t worry, you need not to make any investment for that.