“DNS Already Exists” – What Will You Do after Seeing the Error Message

dns-errorBefore we jump to our subject matter i.e. an error message regarding existing DNS entry, let’s first define DNS and learn what it is actually meant for.

What is DNS?

DNS is the trimmed form of Domain Name System. It refers to a hierarchically distributed naming system for computer or other resources or services connected to internet or a private network. It correlates information with domain names which are assigned to every participating entity. Most importantly, DNS translates easily memorized domain names into numerical IP addresses required to locate computer devices and services worldwide. DNS is an integral part of internet functionality which provides a distributed keyword-based redirection service along the length and breadth of the world.

Domain Name System or DNS distributes the responsibility of domain names assignment and mapping the same to IP addresses by creating authoritative name servers for every domain. Authoritative name servers are designed to be responsible for the supported domains and are entitled to delegate authority over the sub-domains to other name servers. This system exemplifies a well distributed and fault tolerant service which is designed to avert any requirement for a single central database.

DNS also details technical functionality of database service. It clearly defines the DNS protocol and a comprehensive specification of data communication exchanges as well as data structures in DNS, regarded as a part of the Internet Protocol Suite.

Error Message in WHM – DNS Already Exists

Are you trying to do a new domain name addition in WHM? The following error message might flash on the screen:

Account Creation Status: failed
Sorry, a DNS entry for sample.com already exists, please delete it first
(from every server in the DNS cluster)

The error message means that a DNS Zone File exists for this domain. To fix the problem, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on ‘Delete a DNS Zone’ (You will find it in the WHM left-hand menu)
  • Remove the Domain name you have been trying to add.
  • Try again to create account.

Note of Warning: Make it certain that you are attempting to delete the correct DNS Zone and it does not have any setting as per your need. There is no way that you can undo your action or restore the DNS records, if it is accidentally deleted. Following deletion of existing DNS Zone, custom setting is to be recreated in the new DNS Zone.

So, you can see that the process involves no complication. Still if you feel uncomfortable, you can surely contact your web hosting support staff for help.