What Are the Major Benefits of SSD Web Hosting?

The full form of SSD is “Solid State Drives”. Web hosting enables the companies and individuals to easily and quickly access their websites on the internet. Hosting serving is also important to launch your websites on World Wide Web. SSD is meant to speed up access to your website. For the website owners, increased speed is the most common demand as it is liked by the e-visitors and encourages them to make a visit to your website. Integration of SSD technology makes a big difference when it comes to speed factor. SSD is usually preferred when there is not adequate amount of web space. Here are some major advantages of using SSD web hosting:

SSDs are made of microchips. These store information in stable memory chips which don’t contain any moving part. Just compare it to the conventional HDDs which are made of mechanical components. They consume more power, limit computer speed and are prone to damages. SSDs take minimum power to perform and have a long life. What is more, they provide excellent performance. This is because; SSDs have microchips in their making. These advanced drives are considered more efficient and reliable

Another mention-worthy advantage of using SSD is it offers great data transfer speed as compared to traditional storage on your computer. SSD has no moving parts, which often slow down a drive’s performance. Data transfer on SSD takes place very fast. It has been proved that applications on web hosting load 67% faster if you are using a solid state drive. That ultimate speed difference is what has earned SSD massive popularity, replacing the conventional HDD installation.

If your company heavily depends on web hosting as well as web-based applications, use of SSD is of extreme importance. These SSDs can be used in the web servers, which will ultimately add to the efficiency of web hosting. If you have ventured out on the internet via a website, it is highly likely that your web presence will be a soft target for the worms, viruses, hardware crash, network failures etc. If the HDDs are replaced by SSDs, these threats will be either completely eliminated or reduced to a greater extent. So if you want to avoid those threats (obviously you want that), make sure to go with solid state drives.

With SSDs, you will be getting more disk space and higher rate of data transfer. This will surely benefit an organization to host multiple files, images and pages. A busy site always makes a heavy use of server hardware processing. So you will be in dire need of a reliable hardware system including SSDs which will be able to manage the rushing traffic to your website.

Unmetered Virtual Private Server – What It Is All About

VPS or Virtual Private Server technology allows the website owners to share the entire expenses of a dedicated web server between them. It also enables the website owners to enjoy total control over the installed applications and run them on the web server.

Multiple virtual private servers can perform as a separated process within a web server. They provide dedicated root access and total privacy to unmetered VPS hosting accounts. These servers also offer CPU resources, disk space, guaranteed bandwidth, memory and the likes.

In-Depth Idea about Unmetered VPS Hosting

Unmetered virtual private server hosing exemplifies a perfect balance and blend between dedicated hosting and shared web hosting. A VPS involves a single hardware node split into several virtual private systems (known as VDS or VPS). Virtualization technology, in either OpenVZ or Xen, fully distinguishes VDS or VPS or VMs from each other. It implies that each VPS is provided with a guaranteed set of necessary resources including CPU, Hard Drive Space and RAM. Furthermore, each VPS is equipped with full root access.

Traditionally, root access and guaranteed resources were made available with full dedicated servers but today, virtualization of technology lets the dedicated server hosting companies offer virtually private servers at best competitive prices possible, which will make the VPS options less costly than a dedicated server.

VPS hosting is a much sought-after option by many companies if we compare the picture with dedicated servers. Each hardware mode refers to a Dell enterprise class server or Supermicro which features a 16 Intel XEON CPU/Processors, 4 or 8 RAID10 hard drives and 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM. VPS hardware has to be so heavy that it can perform its function as a hosting server with adequate specialization.

VPS integrates features of both shared and dedicated servers but, wonderfully surpasses the limitations specific both types of hosting options. It divides a single web server into multiple individual virtual web servers by using special software. Each virtual server functions as a completely independent system, simulating the characteristics of a dedicated server.

The main physical server is logically partitioned and rented out to multiple users, allowing them to run their own operating system and access to these partitions. The access provides greater technical control to the users and lets them install, change and upgrade system software required for execution of any root user operation.

Unmetered virtual private servers make a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the features of dedicated servers at a reasonable price.

Managed Hosting for Your Small Business Needs

managed servicesTechnology has given a new dimension to business. And it is not only IT companies but also every firm relying on networking infrastructure is reaping the most of hosting service. Though the corporate giants are never in two minds over the choice of hosting service, the small companies are often confused about making the right selection. This is because they are not in knowhow of the features of managed and unmanaged hosting and what will work best for their purpose. Instead of making the decision on your own, leave it to a reliable hosting service provider who is capable of handling every server related issue.

You need to have your basic concepts clear. In unmanaged hosting, you use a rented server and whoever at your small set-up is most experienced in IT services is trusted with server management. Managed hosting is best-suited for your small business. It refers to a certain kind of hosting plan which monitors your networking system round the clock, keeping bandwidth and your website’s performance at their best always. So when compared, managed hosing is definitely a better option whereas unmanaged hosting often proves to be a gambling for the small business owners. Let’s now focus on the advantages of managed hosting.


The hosting providers have the most advanced tool and experienced professionals to take care of security issues. They configure software firewalls, run security audits, filter spam, do virus scanning and also provide updates on operating system.


Data loss can be extensively damaging for any company. Whatever the reason is for such loss, a hosting company provides backup should such disaster ever happen.

Server Monitoring

The hosting service provider scan server 24×7 for any kind of unforeseen issue. Constant monitoring is very important for any business. System admin always makes it sure that your network is available and up all the time.

Managed Storage & Database

System admin manages your storage requirements, thereby saving your expenses. It ensures the required amount of space is properly scaled and managed. Database management is more complicated and in case of managed hosting, the admin excellently designs a database to fulfill your specific business requirements.


The small business owners don’t have much of staff to do server management and they can’t afford to waste their time on server handling. Spend that time to take care of your growing business needs and let the managed hosting service provider to manage your server.


Though managed hosting requires more investment initially as compared to unmanaged hosting, it will prove to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Website, Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting – Three Steps to Step into Virtual World

websiteIf you want to put yourself on the search engines with business bag and baggage, you must have a searchable domain name. Let us first start with importance of a website and then gradually proceed to domain name registration and web hosting service.

Is it important to have a website?

Every business, big or small, has potentials to grow up but that can never be realized if it is not advertised or promoted properly. Virtual world has provided the entrepreneurs with a platform to publicize their products to worldwide audience. It is much more an effective medium when it comes to brand publicity or product promotion. It is also a cost-excellent medium to reach your target audience throughout the world.

Get your domain name registered

Once you have decided to have a website, it is high time to go with a domain name registration. At first, choose a name that has not been assigned to any other website. In a word, the name should be unique and available to you. Domain name actually reserves a space for you website in the virtual world. If you provide your domain name to someone else, it will leave a big impact on your business. You will be able to set up connection to different branches by allowing them to be on the same server and distribute the cost accordingly.

Choose the right web hosting

As far web hosting is concerned, you have three options to choose from – shared hosting, virtual hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is least expensive but features not so great benefits for the users. It offers less uptime and speed is not great too. Still, it is best for the small businesses as they are short on hosting budget and can do without high uptime and excellent speed.

Virtual web hosting is a much improved version, allowing multiple users to share the same physical server. However, each virtually divided segment assigned to particular user behaves like an independent dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting is definitely the best choice if you can afford it. Definitely expensive it is but dedicated hosting offers high uptime and speed. What is more, it offers enhanced internet security for the users. Security is most important when you are on the web because if the hackers get an access to your personal details, it might cast a bad spell on your business. Whatever type of web hosting you choose to go with, make sure to deal with a reliable service provider to get best value for your investment.