Important Tips for Optimum Use of Safari Browser

Safari is the default web browser on Apple devices. If you are well aware of its features and functions, it will be much easier for you to optimally use the browser. This will enable you to access links, launch websites quickly and use the browser to its optimum potentials. This article will discuss a few hot tips for Safari on iPad and iPhone, which will help you use the browser more conveniently.

The most advantageous part of Safari is you do not have to type in full URL while opening a website. You will also not be required to directly save screen shots on your camera. Follow these tips for smart Safari browsing on your iPad and iPhone.

Search within a webpage

If you are using Safari, it is possible to perform search within a page. You need to do the followings:

  • Launch a webpage on Safari browser.
  • There is a search box at right side of the browser. You need to input any text from the webpage into it.
  • A list will show up, scroll to find “On this page” Mobile Safari to search within the webpage.
  • As soon as your search shows on the text, you can find out the specific term or word that repeatedly appears on the page.

No need to enter www & .com

If you are using default browser Safari, you do not need to type in a full URL. Instead, enter in the keywords. For example, if you want to open Facebook, just type in Facebook instead of writing and you will be directed to the page.

Enabling Private Browsing

Private browsing is the most important feature that you must enable if you want to keep tracks of your browsing history.

  • For private browsing, choose Settings>Safari>Switch On the Mode.
  • If the private browsing is turned on, a dark gray hue will be visible. It implies that the websites you are browsing are not traceable by the administrator.

Fetching URL

You can easily copy and paste the URL just by a right click while working on a desktop computer. However, things are much different on Safari.

  • Tap and hold the link (URL) to open the options tab and the URL will appear on top right.
  • Tap to copy the link and include the same in your reading list.

Quick Access to Top Level Domains or TLDs

In Mobile Safari, it gets much easier to access TLDs even if it contains no .com or .org at the end.

Tap and hold to have a host of options which include the list of TLDs. These are, however, location-dependent.

Select from the list and then press Enter.