Amazon launches in the Online Art Market

Amazon Art officially launched in beta and allows e-commerce platform to mediate between art collectors and galleries. The coin value is up $ 4.85 million.

This August 6, Amazon has officially launched the beta of its Amazon Art Service that allows consumers to buy any type of artwork.

“We are delighted to offer our customers one of the broadest selections of works of art directly from the galleries.” Exclaims Peter Faricy, Vice president in charge of Amazon commercial services.

This e-commerce platform will act as an intermediary between the various galleries in North America, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and their potential customers.

“Through our partnership with Amazon we can greatly expanding our audience while providing access to limited edition works created by some of today’s most important artists.” Declares Osman Khan, director of operations of  Paddle 8.

Amazon Art is currently in beta stage, but already offers various tools to enable informed collectors as novices to navigate through the pages of the trading platform.  Internet users can search by name like any other product, they can also ask for an overview of the digital “gallery”. This can be sorted by theme, shapes, colors, artist, sizes and prices. As these works are sold by experts, each piece has a detailed description in which it is possible to know more about its history, meaning and author.

Amazon promises that the ‘return customer’ will be analyzed to make any changes deemed necessary to the success of the online art business.