Twitter Security Authentication

Previously verification process were based on sending a code by SMS, but now Twitter created a strong authentication system which becomes more flexible with an alternative method based on an encrypted identification key, stored in the mobile application.



The current methodology is based on the input username / password and communication in a second time interval, a temporary PIN will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone user. This additional layer of security block connections made from a new terminal, including different geographical area or unusual IP.  However, it’s more restrictive and this technique has the advantage of involving a physical factor, namely a mobile phone, harder to hack a software auditor as a virtual keyboard.  But there are some constraints, especially in terms of network availability and pricing of communications abroad, which can interfere with the reception of an SMS.

Twitter draws its alternative system based on an encrypted identification key, stored in the same application. When the user connects from an unknown device, a prompt notification will be sent to approve or reject the connection requests. Google Authenticator, the tool is dependent on an Internet connection (no offline code generator), but it has the advantage of operating without any restrictions imposed by telecom operators. However, it is likely that eventually the current two-factor authentication methods will give way to an essentially physical dimension in securing the current connections. To overcome the weakness observed in electronic certificates, we can think of RFID tags, the SmartCard and fingerprint readers.

Video Marketing Tools for your site

It is a fact, YouTube has become the second search engine in the world! It’s the obvious turning point of the video media on the internet which is becoming more accessible from anywhere on our mobiles, tablets and connected TVs.




Are there any good reasons other than practical and technological use for the Visitors?

They prefer to see and hear explanations and practical advice, why? In search of a more human relationship through the visual transmission of the knowledge.



The social power of a video

The social power of a video is often underestimated by those who are convinced that video will never replace a good text and yet, the video format encourages more to engage and maintain a relationship, create reactions, encourage the sharing of your video content.

  1. A human presence (a video presenter mode) brings some credibility to the information shared. If the information gives added value, you quickly recognize it.
  2. A vocal presence (a screencast commented) can produce the same effect.
  3. The motion captures attention: It is embedded in our DNA since the beginning of time and the video is a great medium to transmit information by minimizing the risk of being “zapped”.
  4. Emotions are contagious: body language, enthusiasm speech provoke more willing to share your information (the “Like” button or “Subscribe to the Youtube channel”).