How to be effective and productive for your Business?



One of the biggest challenges which we need to accept while working is to be efficient and productive for the business.

Here are my tips for you.

1 – Prioritize your tasks

2 – Delegate

3 – Plan your work day

4 – Focus!


If you want to be effective, we need to do what is really important to do for the success of our projects, we need to focus on what is really essential for our business. We must therefore prioritize tasks.

It is therefore necessary to define the priorities for the day

  • It should not have too many priorities; choose what is really important for your business.
  • Make a list that has a maximum of seven priorities for the day. This must be in the form of simple actions you can perform quickly.
  • It is a great satisfaction at the end of the day, when we were able to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish.


Use the services of professionals. Delegate everything you can delegate!

Focus on what really earns the “value” to your business and delegate the rest!

In addition, you cannot master all fields, an entrepreneur in his early business often wears all the hats.

Delegate to professional use:

  • An accountant and a bookkeeper for bookkeeping
  • A designer, I tell you, you can see the difference!
  • A photographer, the result will be more professional …
  • An assistant for administrative tasks that you probably do not like anyway.
  • Support for servers, etc… Use your suppliers. Computer Stores, IT service providers, remote hosting services.
  • Delegate the maintenance of the website, blog, social networking …

At home:

  • Hire a maid, hire someone to mow your lawn and take care of tasks that can help you relax and use your time effectively.

Your time is precious!


Plan your day’s work especially. Learn to begin only a list of things to do for the day. Your list should be short and realistic.

Get used to your list every morning and check off completed tasks as you go. You will be glad that you get to do everyday tasks planned and you feel motivated to continue the given tasks.

Do not try to plan in detail what you will do in a year. It is a waste of time!


The more difficult task in today’s world is to focus.

  • Remove distractions
  • Close your internet browser, close your arrival mail indicator
  • Close above all instant messaging systems
  • Close your eyes, breathe through your nose, relax … Center you inside … You can now focus a little better.
  • Do not attack a problem at once!

So if we summarize how to be effective in each of your days?

1 – Prioritize your tasks for the day

2 – Delegate everything you can delegate

3 – Plan your work day only at the beginning of the day

4 – Focus!

I’m sure this will help you be more productive. Try it and see!

Amazon launches in the Online Art Market

Amazon Art officially launched in beta and allows e-commerce platform to mediate between art collectors and galleries. The coin value is up $ 4.85 million.

This August 6, Amazon has officially launched the beta of its Amazon Art Service that allows consumers to buy any type of artwork.

“We are delighted to offer our customers one of the broadest selections of works of art directly from the galleries.” Exclaims Peter Faricy, Vice president in charge of Amazon commercial services.

This e-commerce platform will act as an intermediary between the various galleries in North America, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and their potential customers.

“Through our partnership with Amazon we can greatly expanding our audience while providing access to limited edition works created by some of today’s most important artists.” Declares Osman Khan, director of operations of  Paddle 8.

Amazon Art is currently in beta stage, but already offers various tools to enable informed collectors as novices to navigate through the pages of the trading platform.  Internet users can search by name like any other product, they can also ask for an overview of the digital “gallery”. This can be sorted by theme, shapes, colors, artist, sizes and prices. As these works are sold by experts, each piece has a detailed description in which it is possible to know more about its history, meaning and author.

Amazon promises that the ‘return customer’ will be analyzed to make any changes deemed necessary to the success of the online art business.


4 Characteristics of an effective Domain name

Here are certain Tips for a Successful Domain name:-

1 – Short

While purchasing a domain name from a recognized Registrar, we must choose a domain name with less number of characters because an effective domain name is supposed to be ideally composed of one or two words, three words are rather average, over three is generally a bad idea.
Therefore it is often recommended not to exceed 20 characters.

2 – Easy to remember

You should know that some Internet users use the bookmark features. They then store their favorite websites or blogs and type the url whenever they want to visit. However, if your domain is complex, difficult to remember, spelling mistakes or Typo domain, contains too many special characters or different from the name of your site / blog, you may lose the opportunity to attract the type of visitors.

3 – Appropriate extension



The. Com remains an informed choice. Why? Just because this is the most popular and the one that remains anchored in the head, especially while trying to remember a web address.

If the. Com is not available; there are other choices depending on your type of site or business. For example:
- The .org is especially useful if you are an organization or NGO
- If you want to target a particular group of visitors or you own a local business geographical area, there are extensions provided for this purpose, including the re ca fr (France) (Canada) , etc.

- If you get into the WebTB, consider the extension .tv

4 – Descriptive

Note that many visitors will come to your site via search engines. Your domain name must be capable to attract attention and be relevant to the content of your site / blog.
If your domain name contains keywords, than that would be a bonus which can guide your visitors easily. For example, if I type “travel california” in my search, I can come across and, I’ll tend to click the first choice.
Keywords can also boost your site / blog for SEO.